Is Corki AP or AD in League of Legends?

Corki is one of the original League of Legends Champions and is still one of the more relevant picks, both in casual play and competitive play. Corki’s unique kit offers players a variety of playstyles. Whether you prefer to sit back and farm or go all-in, Corki offers something for everyone.

The question is, is Corki AP or AD in League of Legends? Stay tuned to find out.

Is Corki AP or AD in LoL?

Is Corki AP or AD - League of Legends

Credit: Riot Games

Corki is an AP scaling Marksman, one of the few in League of Legends. Although, Corki has not always been built with pure AP items. Items like Trinity Force used to be his primary item, but now, players often build Muramana, along with Eclipse and then AP items, to round out his kit. Malignance is a great item on Corki, as he can consistently fire out his rockets thanks to Muramana.

Here are Corki’s abilities in League of Legends:

  • Hextech Munitions (Passive): Corki’s attacks deal 80% of their damage as Magic Damage. After 10 minutes, Corki’s package arrives at the base and can be equipped for 45 seconds. While the package is equipped, Corki is ghosted, and Valkyrie’s range is extended drastically.
  • Phosphorus Bomb (Q):  Corki launches a bomb at the target area, dealing Magic Damage to any enemies hit while revealing the target area for six seconds.
  • Valkyrie (W): Corki flies over a small distance and burns the path behind him for 2.5 seconds, dealing Magic Damage.
  • Gatling Gun (E): Corki fires a Gatling gun in front of him, dealing Physical Damage and Magic Damage.
  • Missile Barrage (R): Corki fires a missile that explodes once it hits the first enemy, dealing Magic Damage to the target and its surrounding enemies. Every third missile, the Magic Damage dealt is increased.

What Is The Difference Between AP and AD?

Attack Damage and Ability Power are the two primary stats used in League of Legends. Attack Damage exists in all Champions and determines a champion’s ‘basic attack’ damage without outside interference. Ability Power is the counterpart to attack damage, and unlike AD, AP is built on champions who function differently from AD champions, such as Mages and Casters.

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