LCK match predictions – Week 1 Days: 4, 5, 6

We’ve already had the chance to witness some exciting moments at The League of Legends Champions Korea, here are our LCK match predictions for the coming days of week 1 of this tournament.

LCK Match Predictions

LCK match predictions – Day 4

Jin Air GreenWings vs. Kingzone DragonX

The clash of two awesome teams – Jin Air GreenWings performed poorly last split, finishing equal last place along with three other teams. However, the addition of KaKAO and Nova gives the team a great deal of room to improve by substituting their current players if needed.

Kingzone had a poor start to the Summer Split, losing fairly decisively to the former KSV team, “Gen.G”, 2-1. That said, a slow start does not reflect Kingzone’s true ability.

Prediction: Jin Air GreenWings 40% | Kingzone DragonX 60%

Gen.G vs. SK Telecom T1

Gen.G, having rebranded from the former KSV team, had a strong start, taking the win against the 2018 LCK Spring Split Regular Season champions. The former KSV roster was already strong, however, with the addition of MONG and Fly making up Gen.G, the team is extremely solid. While SKT is not having the best year in 2018, finishing fourth in both the Spring split and playoffs, their wide roster allows for endless possibilities.

Prediction: Gen.G 45% | SK Telecom T1 55%

LCK match predictions – Day 5

Afreeca Freecs vs. kt Rolster

Afreeca Freecs surprised everyone in 2018 with their extremely strong performance in the Spring split, finishing second in both the regular season and playoffs. While Afreeca did have their issues, especially with “Aiming” being suspended until June 7th, they still managed to perform well. Kt Rolster too have the high expectations of many, finishing third, just below the Afreeca Freecs in the 2018 LCK Spring split and playoffs.

Prediction: Afreeca Freecs 62% | kt Rolster 38%

bbq OLIVERS vs. Griffin

bbq are not having a great year, finishing equal last place in the previous split and starting off with a loss to MVP in their first Summer split game. Making it worse, they lost 2-0 to MVP who also finished equal last alongside bbq. Griffin will most likely take bbq down. Whilst their past record is not anything too spectacular, the 2018 CK Spring season saw them go a perfect 14-0, qualifying for the LCK.


Prediction: bbq OLIVERS 35% | Griffin 65%

LCK match predictions – Day 6

MVP vs. Gen.G

MVP are one of the weakest teams in the LCK, while they did go 2-0 against bbq, that was mainly due to bqq’s weakness. Gen.G’s roster are much more superior compared to MVP, both individually and as a team. It is almost impossible for Gen.G to drop the series against MVP.

Prediction: MVP 13% | Gen.G 87%

Jin Air GreenWings vs. Hanwha Life Esports

These two teams are for the most part, equally matched, and the game may go both ways. Hanwha’s first game loss should not be an indicator of their performance for the remainder of the split as they managed to take one game, with the rest of the games being fairly winnable. That said, Jin Air GreenWings are slightly favoured due to the increased time they have spent as a team, allowing them to achieve better synergy.

Prediction: Jin Air GreenWings 53% | Hanwha Life Esports 47%