LCS 2024 Spring Split Week 2 Preview – who is C9’s biggest enemy?

With NRG and FLY facing off in Week 2 of the LCS Spring Split, we’ll understand who is the no. 2 team that will content C9 for the title.

LCS Week 2 Spring

Image Credit: Christian Betancourt/Riot Games

LCS Spring Split Week 2 Preview – NRG vs FLY

NRG and FLY were two of the top teams expected to be fighting for the title in our LCS Power Rankings. After three matches of the spring split, both squads seem to be maintaining those expectations, as NRG is 2-1 while FLY is 3-0, tied with C9.

That said, NRG already faced C9 in the starting week while FLY had an “easier” time where their strongest opponent was Team Liquid, which they beat. Later tonight, the two squads will face one another to determine who is the second front runner and C9’s no. 1 opponent in the regular split.

The match – draft will play a big role

Based on what we have seen so far, both teams will likely look to play scaling lanes and look to get leads through the mid-game teamfights. Both teams have looked solid in the early mid game, so the needle will swing into whoever can get the upper hand in the decisive fight. This is where the draft will matter a lot. We started seeing the return of Lucian in the bottom lane, but the champion doesn’t seem to work out as well as we might have seen in other regions. Instead, playing through scaling team compositions seems to be the better choice.

The big X factor for this match will be Bwipo. The top laner is known to have several counters, just like we saw Mordekaiser yesterday against TL. The Belgian might cook something else today…

The other big matchup for me will be the bottom lane. I went conservative at the start of the split with Massu and Busio but the bottom lane has been solid. How will they perform against FBI and huhi will also give us a better idea of what we should be expecting from them for the rest of the split.

Overall, I’m predicting to see FLY take the win. It won’t be a single-sided series, but I feel like they are more consistent in their execution. Bwipo and Inspired are two smart players who know well how to stabilize the game state, especially in the mid-game. That will make a difference and should allow FLY to create a big enough gold gap to lead the team to victory.

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