LEC Week 7: The battle for Playoffs begins

The next three weeks are the last chance for the LEC teams to make their push to the Spring playoffs.

Today marks the beginning of the last stretch of the Spring Split in the LEC. And, while some teams can rest easy with their playoffs spot already secured, others are about to embark in a pursuit for the coveted Spring Split title later today. The playoff rules state that 6 out of the 10 teams move onto the gauntlet after the regular nine weeks of the split. Currently, eight European teams are still in Contention for a playoff spot with only G2 having secured their playoff spot already, while Rogue and Excel are pretty much out of contention.


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Let’s cover the five matches with most impact in Week 7 of the LEC, starting with Origen.

Week 7 is the most important out of the next three for the Origen squad. They meet both Splyce and Vitality this week, and a 2:0 week here puts Origen among the top seeded crowd. The squad is still the only one to make G2 bleed in this split but they are also no strangers to flops. They had pretty much jumpstarted Fnatic’s return to contention. After that, they proceeded to drop a follow-up game against Misfits and end last week with two defeats and giving the most direct playoff spot rivals a chance to get back into contention. .

Another one to look out for is the third match on Friday between Vitality and Misfits. The Misfits squad is in a similar position to that of Origen. They beat said squad last week and now are back in contention for the playoff seeds and a preferable position. Unlike OG they came out of a 2-win week and will seek to continue momentum into this week’s matchup against Vitality.

The last match on Friday is also an important one. Fnatic meets Schalke04 in what might be the coolest comeback to form the EU fans have witnessed in the LEC. Of course it has to be FNC to bring the drama into the mix after being down in the gutter with Rogue and Excel, they finally picked themselves up and put together a magnificent showing last week beating both 2nd place Vitality and Origen and made their playoff chances a possibility. Now the heavy burden falls on SO4 to hamper Fnatic’s rise to prominence back in the LEC, and the fact they come from a triple-defeat spree is not helping their case.

Finally, on Saturday we have another match that might directly influence the playoff chances for two teams in the matchup between the two 3rd seeds Schalke04 and Splyce. Both teams have a tough week and from here on out it gets even tougher for the Splyce squad. They already played their “easy” matches against Rogue and Excel in the last two weeks and everything ahead will be a serious battle for keeping their playoff spot secure.

For those seeking to hedge their bets… Safe choices are G2 and FNC this weekend.

The battle for the playoffs begins today 18:00 CET with the matchup between Splyce and Origen.