Legends of Runeterra Is Coming Soon: Riot Announced the Open Beta

Riot has released an announcement video on their “Legends of Runeterra” Youtube channel, introducing the game in its current form, and their upcoming plans for it in the future.

Legends of Runeterra 2020

© Riot Games

When can we all play?

Riot has set January 24th for the game’s official launch, a date where everyone will be able to freely join in and play.

To date, thousands have already been granted access to the game’s closed beta, and similarly to the launch of TFT, many others have expressed their desire to play as well.

Riot has listened, explaining they have rushed to prepare the game for open launch to the public.

Ranked system

The rank system will be similar to the current League of Legends ranked system, where players gain and lose LP based of outcomes in ranked play. The divisions will be between Iron and Master tier.

In Riot’s introduction video, they stated “when you reach a tier in legends of Runeterra, you will hold that rank for a season”.

So what does this mean for the game? This will tend to inflate ranks for those who play the game more, which is a questionable decision by Riot.

Friends list copy over from LoL

This is a nice touch to the game, knowing your friends list from League of Legends will transfer to Legends of Runeterra.

Similarly, considering this feature has already been announced, we can expect the friends list from all Riot games to interact / share with each other as they all launch in the coming year as well.

While rumors circulated regarding the launch of Wild Rift (Mobile League of Legends) being around late January, it is likely this date will be pushed back. This is considering Riot will aim to avoid a collision its two games which will reduce their reach.

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