League of Legends, Dark Star Cho’Gath – Support charities

Riot has unveiled a new skin for Cho’Gath, this time sticking with the Dark Star skin line. Dark Star Cho’Gath will only be available in shop for a limited time until the 11th of August, hence giving it its Legacy skin ranking (it will also be available as a gemstone skin). The skin was co-created with a League of Legends fan named Bryan, who visited Riot’s headquarters and given the opportunity to work alongside designers as part of a partnership between Riot and the “Make A Wish Foundation”.

Note: while the skin, icons and emotes can be attained through hextech crafting if you are lucky, the border will strictly only be available before the 11th of August through ‘Bundle B’.

  • Dark Star Cho’Gath – 1350RP
  • Dark Star Cho’Gath Icon – 350RP
  • Dark Star Cho’Gath Emote – 600RP
  • Bundle A – Dark Star Cho’Gath + Dark Star Cho’Gath Icon – 1500 RP
  • Bundle B – Dark Star Cho’Gath + Dark Star Cho’Gath Icon + Galatic Heart Icon + Dark Star Cho’Gath Border – 2500 RP


All proceeds from the sales of the skin, bundle or icons will fully head to supporting a range of non for profit organisations. A different charity has been supported through a wide range of twenty one different countries. Riot has ensured, no matter the outcome of sales, a minimum of $10,000 USD will be given to each charity. The list of charity to each country is given below.

  • Brazil – Fundação Gol de Letra
  • Chile (LAS) – El Comité para la Democratización de la Informática (CDI)
  • China – In cooperation with Tencent Foundation
  • Colombia – Ensena Por Colombia
  • Ecuador – Ensena Por Ecuador
  • France – Make-Wish France
  • Germany – Gaming-Aid
  • Ireland and other European countries – Pieta House
  • Japan – Friends of El Sistema Japan
  • Korea – Autism Society Korea (ASK)
  • Mexico – Ensena Por Mexico
  • North America – Make-A-Wish Foundation of America
  • Oceania – Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
  • Panama – Ensena Por Panama
  • Russia – Sozidanie Charitable Foundation
  • SEA – Save the Children
  • Spain – Juegaterapia
  • Turkey – Umut Cocuklari Dernegi
  • Taiwan – United Way of Taiwan
  • UK – Special Effect
  • Vietnam – Y Tam Social Enterprise
Image Credits: Riot Games