LPL Week 2 Preview – Action continues with electrifying match of the week

The LPL has just started but there’s no time for rest for the teams, as another six matches will be played in week 2. Let’s break down the most exciting series.

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LPL Week 2 Preview

RNG vs IG – Tuesday 12:00 CET

After an insane series by RNG in week one, the team will face Invictus Gaming in the LPL week 2. Both teams have won 2-0 against their respective opponents but in two different fashions. IG took it slowly against Anyone’s Legend but destroyed them in game 2. RNG, on the other hand, risked a lot against OMG: top laner Breathe had to carry his team on the back to avoid going into game three, showcasing an insane solo kill on OMG’s top laner Shanji, who was rookie of the year in 2022.

He’s now going up against yet another mechanical player like YSKM, which inevitably raises the attention of the series. Both are known for playing carry champions, so it will be a sensational matchup. If YSKM manages to get ahead of Breathe, we might witness the rise of a new superstar…

That said, RNG should still be the favorites in winning the series. GALA seemed to get into the groove already and he will make sure he can carry with Breathe. That said, this series won’t be that one-sided so expect three thrilling action and exciting games.

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WBG vs TES – Wednesday 12:00 CET

Weibo Gaming will have its debut match against another top dog of the league: Top Esports. Rookie will face his former teammates Karsa and TheShy. Not only that but he will face one of the few players that can match him in the mid lane: Xiaohu.

While it’s only the first weeks and there are many other matches ahead, this series will be important for both to see how one is doing relative to the other. Weibo, after the Weibo cup, showed that the team seems to be working already and that they are ready to fight for the title.

Image Credits | LPL

Top Esports, on the other hand, have flown under the radar, and didn’t play with the starting roster in any matches prior to the start of the season. With knight gone and Rookie coming in, Top Esports should find themselves with a more vocal player that will lead the team.

Having said that, TES will have to understand what role Rookie will cover within the team. Knowing that JackeyLove will be the main carry, who is going to be the second one? Will it be Wayward or Rookie? This is what the team needs to figure out as soon as possible.

Based on the current information, as well as the starting lineups, Weibo Gaming definitely have the advantage and are favored going into the series. There is enough firepower across all roles and Karsa is a great jungler that matches the team’s identity by being the bridge for the team.

There’s potential for a 2-0 finish, but WBG shouldn’t be able to dominate TES, as the two will have constant skirmishes and trades happening on the map. Regardless of what happens, though, WBG should still prevail.

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