MSI finals post-match discussion & new split starting dates

This year’s Mid-Season Invitational finals is without a doubt, one of the most surprising and unexpected turn of events ever. It would not be surprising if the finals were scripted… memeing aside, NA and EU being the top two teams is certainly a welcome sight for many. For years, the Korean and Chinese teams had dominated the League, with last year’s world being the main turning point. However, this MSI finals has proved that the 2018 Worlds was not a fluke, and North America and Europe are both extremely strong regions, with teams able to contend against the best.


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Game 1

The first game was close to being uncontested, with G2 Esports totally supressing Team Liquid throughout the entirety of the match. G2 made amazing early rotations, setting TL far behind, leading to an unstoppable snowball.

Game 2

Team Liquid’s comp forced them to get ahead early, or face falling off in the late game. While TL were able to secure a small gold lead for a portion of the early to mid-game through Impact, G2 turned around the tempo with dragon control and a single well executed dive. The extended fight at 21 – 22 minutes went largely in G2’s favour, enabling Caps to later snowball beyond control.

Game 3

Another extremely quick match in the MSI, with the game ending barely at 18 minutes. Caps was able to hard carry the game following his insane 1 v 2 outplay at 7 minutes which placed him ahead with a double kill. Being so far ahead in the mid game, in combination with a well-executed dive, G2 were able to secure the final win against Liquid.


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New split starting dates

LCSLeague of Legends European ChampionshipJune 1st
LPLTencent League of Legends Pro
June 1st
CBLOLCampeonato Brasileiro de League of LegendsJune 1st
LCKLeague of Legends Champions KoreaJune 5th
LCLLeague of Legends Continental LeagueJune 6th
LECLeague of Legends European ChampionshipJune 7th
LSTLeague of Legends SEA TourJune 7th
OPLOceanic Pro LeagueJune 7th
TCLTurkish Championship
June 8th
LLALiga Latinoamérica 2019June 8th
VCSVietnam Championship SeriesJune 13th
LMSLeague of Legends Master SeriesJune 14th
LJLLeague of Legends Japan LeagueJune 15th