NA LCS Spring Final Playoffs Predictions

The recent quarter and semi-finals week was amazing, a true eye opener not only for the viewers, but the teams themselves. The coming month will definitely bring along various roster changes as members are benched, traded or straight up dropped.

Spring Split Finals – Our predictions:


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Third place match – Echo Fox vs. Clutch Gaming

Echo Fox entered the Spring playoffs directly from semi-finals week. However, losing against Team Liquid, who shocked the crowd in quarter finals by going 3:0 against C9, they failed to qualify for the final match. While Echo Fox were certainly one of the favourites after their tip top performance in the Regular Spring Season, the team crumbled under the pressure of their first big match.

Clutch Gaming as one of the new teams in the NALCS have stunned many. CG fought hard, earlier making history in the quarterfinals, taking down Team SoloMid, NAs’ most popular / hyped team. By doing so, they broke TSM’s five streak of entering the finals’ week of either the NA LCS Spring or Summer Playoffs five times in a row.

Both teams have proved they deserve to be where they’re at, whether it be Echo Fox who completely turned their performance compared to previous years, or the newbies Clutch Gaming.

These two teams are fairly close, however, Echo Fox are favoured for two main reasons. First, Echo Fox have overall signed much more experienced players many of which previously played in higher stakes / pressure games. This means they’ll feel less nervous, reducing their chances to tilt. Clutch Gaming on the other hand, while they’ve performed well recently, still lack experienced coaching staff and players.

Prediction: Echo Fox 58% | Clutch Gaming 42%

Finals match – Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves

Team Liquid as mentioned before, demolished their quarter finals opponents, taking down the behemoth in the NA LCS, Cloud 9. Liquid has seriously picked up in the past few weeks, showing they aren’t the average mid-tier team they have been considered as in the past. However, the recent Doublelift family tragedy will definitely cause a big impact on the AD main, overall weakening Liquids’ performance.

The 100 Thieves have blown people away, not only by performing better than average established teams, but as one of the top two teams in the NA LCS Spring Regular Season. While last week’s game was very close, the Thieves only slightly managing the win over Clutch Gaming 3-2, 100T remain a strong force without signs of slowing down.

If the Doublelift incident didn’t arrive at such an unfavourable time near the finals match, Team Liquid would be favoured. However, the impact of it will certainly show, this will allow the 100 Thieves to have a very good chance at winning their first ever Playoffs title.

How will Doublelift’s incident impact TL’s chance of winning the Playoffs?

Prediction: Team Liquid 39% | 100 Thieves 61%

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