NA LCS Week 4 Day 1 Predictions

Considering the recent performance of all the NA teams at the NALCS, most of the matches in week 4 will be pretty close with the exception of GGS vs. TL. Clear differences between the teams will likely only show by week 7.

Team Solo Mid vs. Optic Gaming

Team Solo Mid’s performance in week 3 was disappointing, with losses to both Cloud 9 and the Golden Guardians. Their loss to the Golden Guardians was especially shocking considering GGS was lurking around the bottom of the ladder, having yet to synergise properly as a team. Optic while not particularly strong, have a fair chance in taking Team Solo Mid out as TSM are likely on tilt.

Prediction: Team Solo Mid 44% l Optic Gaming 56%


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Golden Guardians vs. Team Liquid

Golden Guardians had a very slow start in the first two weeks, dropping all four games. However, week 3 saw them defeat both Optic and Team Solo Mid, a great sign for the team. Despite this, Team Liquid are still too strong with a currently perfect run of 6-0.

Prediction: Golden Guardians 25% l Team Liquid 75%

Cloud9 vs. Echo Fox

Cloud9 should be able to secure this game with their fairly solid performance so far in the LCS. Echo Fox on the other hand, while able to beat some mid-tier teams have fairly unpredictable performance.

Prediction: Cloud9 60% l Echo Fox 40%


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100 Thieves vs. Fly Quest

Both 100 Thieves and FlyQuest are currently 3-3, ranking amongst the mid-tier teams in the LCS. That said, 100 Thieves are looking very strong, especially Bang in the bot lane, giving the team a slight edge.

Prediction: 100 Thieves 55% l Fly Quest 45%

Clutch Gaming vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Clutch Gaming started out well in week 1, wining both their games. However, it has been down hill from there, failing to pick up any more matches, now 2-4 on the ladder. Counter Logic Gaming faired better, defeating both Cloud 9 and Echo Fox, establishing themselves as a strong force in the NA LCS.

Prediction: Clutch Gaming 35% l Counter Logic Gaming 65%