NA LCS Week 4 Day 2 Predictions

Last week saw a resurgence of some of the lower seeded teams as 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians both pulled off 2-0 weekends. Heading into Week 4, the objective remains the same as hierarchy in the NA LCS Power Rankings 2019 Power Rankings 2019 begins to form. This coming Sunday, middle of the pack teams face a tough test as Cloud9 and Team Liquid continue to reign supreme, and Team Solo Mid face an uphill battle after a demoralizing week of losses in Week 3.

Echo Fox vs. 100 Thieves

Echo Fox remain a peculiar team within the LCS due to their back-and-forth performances. Apollo and Hakuho have remained stable in the bot lane, but the top side of the map for Echo Fox has been misfiring in games when they should be adequately ahead. Echo Fox’s jungler, Yoon-jae “Rush” Lee is notorious for never losing two games in the same weekend. But this week might spell trouble for that streak given Echo Fox’s competition in Week 4.

100 Thieves are coming off their best weekend yet as it seemed the carry trio of Ssumday, Huhi and Bang have finally found their footing. Huhi especially earned plaudits for his amazing Lissandra play against Clutch Gaming that proved he is still a force to be reckoned with. If all goes according to plan, expect 100 Thieves to abuse the solo lanes of Echo Fox and march their way to another victory.

Prediction: Echo Fox 35% | 100 Thieves 65%


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Counter Logic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

CLG and Golden Guardians are both resurging squads after undergoing shaky starts in Week 1. As CLG is finding their best roster with Wiggily in the jungle and Darshan back in the top lane, Golden Guardians’ team cohesion has also steadily risen with their team getting back to back wins last week.

Strength for strength, it seems like Golden Guardians have the tools to eek out a win over CLG, but the way these rosters are performing the result can go either way. Golden Guardians have a tough lesson to overcome against TL on Saturday, but a victory on Day 2 can assuage some of those problems if they pull together as a team.

Prediction: CLG 45% | Golden Guardians 55%

Team Liquid vs. Team Solo Mid

After a dismal last outing for TSM in Week 3, it seems like the league may have finally found their weak point. Last week TSM had a tough time trying to get their top laner going on any kind of pick they could give him, and their win conditions were stifled heavily because of those mismatches.

On the other hand, TL have shown they can carry from any lane this season and they won’t hesitate to get their top laner going with a counter matchup if the opportunity presents itself. The action will remain contentious in mid lane, but Team Liquid should come away victorious in the mid and late game once teamfights start to take place.

Prediction: Team Liquid 70% | Team Solo Mid 30%


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FlyQuest vs. Clutch Gaming

FlyQuest looked dominant after the first two weeks of LCS action, but their Week 3 exploits weren’t up to snuff as they were tested on both days. This week the opposition presents another curveball that could prove fatal if FlyQuest don’t react the right way.

Rookie top laners have been abusable so far in North America, and Clutch Gaming will likely follow that mold with Huni leading the charge. While Clutch Gaming aren’t in the best form right now, they have the latent potential to get a victory over FlyQuest. This game will likely be decided by jungler impact, and LirA is still playing well even in tough losses. Expect a nailbiter for game four of the evening.

Prediction: FlyQuest 55% | Clutch Gaming 45%

Optic Gaming vs. Cloud9

In our last game of the week, Cloud9 will faceoff against Optic Gaming as they have now finalized their roster with Arrow returning to the bot lane. Even with their addition, Optic Gaming don’t possess the team cohesion necessary to beat out an experienced roster that Cloud9 has developed.

Expect a swift drubbing of Optic Gaming for the last game of the evening. This match might be more close on paper, but Cloud9 have proved themselves far superior to any team not immediately in the top 4, and Optic are still well below that threshold.

Prediction: Optic Gaming 15% | Cloud9 85%