NA LCS Week 5 Day 1 Predictions

Optic Gaming vs. 100 Thieves

Optic are not doing well at NALCS, entering this week with their 5th loss streak. Week 4 had also been a disappointing week for the 100 Thieves who were previously on a good track having dropped both of their games against Fly Quest and Echo Fox. This has led to them hovering around the lower to mid-tier teams standing wise. That said, the thieves look significantly stronger than Optic.

Prediction: Optic Gaming 35% l 100 Thieves 65%


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Team Liquid vs. Echo Fox

Team Liquid dropped their first game last week against Team Solo Mid, however, they remain in great form to take the game against Echo Fox. While Fox have shown to be promising, the team’s inconsistency leads them to throw games they should not lose.

Prediction: Team Liquid 75% l Echo Fox 25%

Clutch Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

Clutch Gaming started the split 2-0, however, have went downhill since, now 2-6 on the leader boards. This is particularly shocking considering they have powerhouse names like Huni, Piglet and Lira, the team’s problem likely lie within communication issues between the members. The Golden Guardians on the other hand have shown positive recent results, taking out 3 of their 4 last games.

Prediction: Clutch Gaming 40% l Golden Guardians 60%


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Fly Quest vs. Cloud 9

Fly Quest are in a decent position, currently third on the ladder with a 5-3 run. That said, Cloud 9 while only a win ahead with a 6-2 record look significantly stronger, with the team’s overall coordination and team fighting looking better. FQ WildTurtle’s aggressive playstyle seen this week with his Kai’sa diving straight into three members is extremely risky and may throw them further games.

Prediction: Fly Quest 42% l Cloud 9 58%

Team Solo Mid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

A battle between the two old rival teams, Team Solo Mid and Counter Logic gaming. Both TSM and CLG are currently tied, 4-4. With Team Solo Mid’s win against Team Liquid, they have shown their dominance once again in the NA scene. This week is an extremely important week for them to make a comeback.

Prediction: Team Solo Mid 55% l Counter Logic Gaming 45%

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