NA LCS Week 7 Day 1 Predictions – GGS stands fair chance to enter top 3

Game 1 – Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves

Cloud 9 are looking very strong despite their recent shock loss against Echo Fox in week 6. The 100 Thieves on the other hand, while they can take down some of the top teams, have had fairly inconsistent performance lately.

Prediction: Cloud 9 65% l 100 Thieves 35%

100 thieves na lcs week 7 day 1

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Game 2 – Team SoloMid vs. Golden Guardians

Team SoloMid are fairing well in terms of standings, that said, they have certainly lost their past dominance. TSM continue to defeat low to mid-tier teams, however, tend to fall against stronger rivals like CLG and C9. Golden Guardian’s recent win against Counter Logic Gaming is a sign the team has the ability to advance into the top three alongside TSM.

Prediction: Team SoloMid 60% l Golden Guardians 40%

golden guardians na lcs week 7 day 1

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Game 3 – Fly Quest vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Despite lurking around the bottom of the ladder, Fly Quest have picked up their pace by winning three of their past four games at NALCS. In contrast, CLG who stood as a strong contender for first place have dropped both their games in week 6.

Prediction: Fly Quest 45% l Counter Logic Gaming 55%

fly quest na lcs week 7 day 1

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Game 4 – Team Liquid vs. Clutch Gaming

Team Liquid are currently leading the pack, ending week 6 with a 9-3 record. With Clutch Gaming being a mid-tier team, it is expected for Team Liquid to secure the win against CG unless some major mistakes are made on TL’s part.

Prediction: Team Liquid 80% l Clutch Gaming 20%

team liquid na lcs week 7 day 1

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Game 5 – Echo Fox vs. OpTic Gaming

Echo Fox do not have any signs of recovering following the departure of star player, Rush. Optic on the other hand remain a strong team despite their recent three game loss streak. That said, if Optic fails to recover from tilt, Echo Fox stands a chance.

Prediction: Echo Fox 35% l OpTic Gaming 65%.

echo fox na lcs week 7 day 1

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