NA LCS Week 7, the matches of Day 1: our predictions

Golden Guardians vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Six weeks into the NA LCS, the Golden Guardians and Counter Logic Gaming have both settled themselves to be ranked amongst the mid-tier teams. GGS and CLG are currently tied on the leader board, both with five wins and seven losses.


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The team’s last battle saw CLG secure first blood, only to lose the mid game from Hauntzer’s and Contractz’s hard carry. Both teams have a fair chance, however, CLG look slightly stronger.

Prediction: Golden Guardians 46% l Counter Logic Gaming 54%

Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid

Cloud9 continue their winning streak, now eight games undefeated, only second to Team Liquid on the ladder. Liquid are similarly looking extremely strong having only dropped a single game this split to TSM.

This game will be a crucial one for both teams which will likely set the ranking for the Spring split given both teams have had enough time to settle down.

Prediction: Cloud9 52% l Team Liquid 48%

Team SoloMid vs. 100 Thieves

Team SoloMid look fairly strong following their slow start to the NA LCS, recovering into third place and a fair contender for this Spring split. The thieves, on the other hand, appear to be very inconsistent, with varying wins and losses amongst the other mid-tier teams.

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© LoL Esports

TSM should likely be able to secure this match.

Prediction: Team SoloMid 70% l 100 Thieves 30%

Clutch Gaming vs. Fly Quest

Fly Quest has had some strong wins this split, however, continue to drop matches that they should win. Same goes with Clutch Gaming, making this game extremely unpredictable.

Prediction: Clutch Gaming 50% l Fly Quest 50%

Echo Fox vs. Optic Gaming

Echo Fox are definitely on tilt, now on a four loss streak since the start of week 5. Optic on the other hand seem to be performing very strongly, taking three of their last four games, only losing to NA’s current top team, Team Liquid.

Prediction:  Echo Fox: 33% l Optic Gaming 67%