Neeko champion rundown

After so long, Riot has finally decided to release a new champion into the game (rewards don’t count!). Neeko, The Curious Chameleon will be the game’s newest mage that will most likely be seen in either the mid or jungle roles. Neeko is extremely special, confirming the rumours that the next champion to be released would be able to shapeshift / transform into other champions.


© Riot Games


Passive, Inherent Glamour: Transform yourself into an allied champion. Taking damage, dealing damage or using abilities aside from W and R will break the illusion. Note, the skin of your allied champion will also be copied in order to increase the passive’s effectiveness. As the passive is only an illusion, you will NOT be able to cast any ability from your chosen champion.

Q, Blooming Burst: A fairly short range ability that tosses a projectile dealing damage to enemies hit. If the initial projectile kills an enemy or deal damage to a champion, it will burst, dealing an extra two ticks of damage within a short duration.

W, Shapesplitter: Shapesplitter’s passive allows every third auto attack to deal bonus magic damage while increasing Neeko’s movement speed for a short duration. When the W is activated, Neeko will go temporarily invisible and send a clone out in a chosen direction once the invisibility ends.


© Riot Games

E, Tangle Barbs: A medium ranged skill shot projectile that roots all enemies hit. The last champion hit will be rooted for a longer duration. This ability will be extremely useful in team fights, as it cannot be body blocked by enemy champions, such as tanky supports.

R, Pop Blossom: Neeko jumps into the air to channel the ability, gaining a shield and slowing everything surrounding her. After a short delay, Neeko jumps down to deal damage and stunning enemies around her. This ability can be used along with Neeko’s invisibility without revealing her which allows Neeko to position herself to hit multiple enemies in a team fight.

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