Garen Rework: The Strongest He’s Ever Been

Garen is regarded as one of the gateway champions into League of Legends, having a fairly low skill cap for players. In saying so, he is comparatively weaker compared to the other champions, especially in high elo. However, his recent changes on the PBE have dramatically increased his power, encouraging a less tanky, but stronger build path.

Garen changes with PBE, LoL Champion

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Garen Rework: Abilities

Passive: Garen’s passive healing will no longer double once low hp, with cooldown being moved to a flat 6 seconds. Healing now scales accordingly to Garen’s level. Non epic monsters will no longer break Garen’s passive healing, making Jungle Garen much more viable.

Q: No changes

W: Cooldown increased at later levels, with overall resistance reduced.

E: Spin ticks of damage now scale with attack speed, with no set cap. To offset this major change, Garen’s base damage and AD scaling per tick has been slightly reduced at all levels. Given the increased frequency of the spin tick damage, the ticks required to shred armor has been lifted from 4 to 6. Bonus 33% damage buff on a single enemy has been removed. Instead, Garen deals 25% increased damage to the nearest enemy.

Major change – E now applies on hit effects to the nearest enemy at 50% reduced damage. While the damage has been reduced, it is extremely significant considering the high frequency of his spins.

R: Villain passive has been removed, no longer dealing true damage to the highlighted target. Instead, Garen’s ultimate will be moving from magic damage, to true damage entirely. To balance it, the base and scaling damage has been slightly reduced. However, considering his ult is now true damage, it will in most cases, be a damage boost.