Overwatch Patch Notes: Nerfs in the Experimental Patch

On September 4, Blizzard officially released a new Overwatch patch notes (to be precise an Experimental Patch) announcing some changes to Overwatch. Since its launch in 2016, heroes have undergone constant evolution over time. When there was a GOATS Meta time, the damage of many heroes was increased. This attempt by Blizzard had a purpose. Make them more valuable than the current composition. This composition dominated the Overwatch League and also the Top 500 for several months.

Pverwatch Patch Notes

© Blizzard

Something needed to be done about GOATS, because Wrecking Ball proved to be very potent, accompanied by damage heroes and supports. Function Lock ended up fixing a problem that couldn’t be solved with math. Since then, many heroes have been added and increased, however, the GOATS buffs would be in high demand. Remembering that some of the changes below are going back in time for the affected heroes. Let’s go into some detail on this Overwatch Patch Notes.

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General Changes


  • There was a reduction of damage to the beam against explosion of armor
  • Lightning weapons had their lethality decreased with this

Beam damage reduction against armor health explosion. Zarya, Moira, Mei, Symmetra and Winston had a drop in power and also a final load. The focusing beam of Eche, values 50% or even less of the health of its target, thus, it is not affected.

Overwatch Patch Notes Breakdown

Orisa and Ana have things in common, Halt and Granada Biotic. Both are cooldown skills, but they do have a final skill impact. Basically, Halt works like a Gravtion Surge. However, there was a change in its radius, which went from 7 to 3, making the green orb useless. One of the exits would be to increase the radius by one, so you can grant deaths again and decrease the speed of the projectile.

And Zarya was doubly nerfed in that test. Beam Damage and Particle Cannon have become less effective against armor. The Cannon also lost efficiency in the ammunition. The current goal consists of tanks that do damage, Roadhog and Zarya agitate these changes.

Zarya Overwatch Hero

© Blizzard

Damage Reduction


  • Rocket Launcher recovery increased from 0.75 to 85


  • Maximum secondary fire damage from the photon projector reduced from 140 to 120


  • Maximum ammo for the Widow’s Kiss increased from 30 to 35
  • The cost of ammunition with the scope of Beijo da Viúva increased from 3 to 5
  • Beijo da Viúva’s aiming shots now have up to 50% damage reduction from 60-85 meters


  • Peacekeeper’s recovery increased from 0.42 to 50


  • Frag Launcher’s impact damage reduced from 50 to 40 (Total 130 to 120)


  • Viper max ammunition reduced from 15 to 12
  • Viper’s target damage has been reduced from 85 to 80

Ashe, Junkrat, Pharah e Symmetra

It may seem on paper that the Damage category has lost its teeth, but that is not true. Ashe was, at best, mediocre after her release and was given a series of buffs to make her viable.

In theory, much is said about the Damages, which have lost a lot, but this is not true. Before the series of buffs, Ashe was considerably mediocre, now she can become viable. Ashe is the best hitscan hero in the game, considering the current state of Overwatch. With double shield compositions, its uptime and final damage made it very efficient. McCree’s changes surprised many people, especially when we talk about the machine gun. The increase in recovery time gave more value to strokes, thus forcing the player to have a certain pace.

Ashe Overwatch

© Blizzard

Several professional players ask Blizzard to nerf the spider, this comes from a long time ago. At competition levels, Overwatch becomes a different game when the goal favors the Widowmaker. Another important point is the consumption of ammunition. The damage drop may seem large, but it will affect some maps. The Widow will become a niche, but much less oppressive on some maps.

For different reasons, Junkrat, Pharah and Symmetra were readjusted. Junkrat was doing a lot of damage when considering the nerfs that were made to the tank. Increasing the Pharah’s rate of fire is essential to dealing with comps. And lastly, Symmetra, there were changes in that last update that they hadn’t done before. Her damage now equals Junkrat and Pharah. These damages are related to the buff for the tanks.

Ana, Moira e Baptiste

Ana won’t do farm nano that fast. This makes Moira more skilled, this experimental patch is proof of that. Biotic Grasp will require a little more aiming, so it turns Moira into a good explosion healer. Supporters will have to better manage their resources, so they will be successful if they find the value of their Biotic Orbs. Baptiste also enters this list of maintenance, completing the healers. Top combat doctors need to hit their shots and find a better damage to cure ratio.

Ana Overwatch Hero

© Blizzard


  • Biotic rifle ammunition reduced from 14 to 12


  • Biotic launcher grenade ammo reduced from 12 to 10
  • Total healing of regenerative explosion reduced from 150 to 75
  • Baptiste now receives twice as much healing from the Regenerative Explosion


  • Biotic Grasp prolonged cure reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds (total cure from 65 to 35)
  • The cure for biotic tightening per second increased from 65 to 70
  • The rate of consumption of Biotic Grasp healing resources increased from 11 to 14(27%)
  • Biotic tightening angle reduced by 37%
  • The Biotic Claw’s healing resource gain rate has been increased by 50%
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