Battlefield Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

Update: As of February 1st, 2023, Electronic Arts has made the decision to cancel Battlefield Mobile and close down the studio developing the game.

Let’s forget about the harrowing release that was Battlefield 2042 for a moment and look to something a little more promising. In 2021, EA announced Battlefield Mobile, an upcoming handheld adventure set firmly within the overarching Battlefield universe. It’s the first of its kind and given a recent boom in the popularity of mobile gaming, many fans are excited about the impending launch. We’re here today to discuss everything you need to know about Battlefield Mobile.

Currently, the release date is relatively unknown, but it is highly expected that it will launch in 2022. Firstly, Battlefield Mobile must transition through the testing stages – starting with the alpha, then the beta, then finally, the full release. There’s an intense need to avoid a repeat of Battlefield 2042, so EA won’t want to release it until it is as polished as can be.

What Is Battlefield Mobile?


Image Credit: EA

Battlefield Mobile is an iOS and Android-based game set within the Battlefield universe. It’s a collaboration between several studios within EA, and it’s deeply reminiscent of older titles, such as Battlefield 3. In fact, there are maps taken directly from that ever-popular release, recreated and redesigned for Mobile. Since 2011, Battlefield 3 has been a fan favourite, and it’s something of a service for EA to be reviving old maps outside of Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode.

However, there are promises of both new and iconic content drops taking place as the roadmap rolls out. If you check the Google Play listing, there are statements that suggest we’ll be seeing “maps and modes both new and familiar to veteran players”. It’s a bold project, particularly as Mobile allegedly boasts better destruction and more intense battles than Battlefield 2042.

But how much will Battlefield Mobile cost?

Battlefield Mobile will be free-to-play, with optional skins and battle passes coming in as standard. It’s how the free-to-play world moves in this day and age, and it’s totally acceptable for EA to push this model. It’s a multiplayer-only game that is poised to look and feel fantastic when played on high-end mobile devices.

When Is The Beta?

Whilst Battlefield Mobile is in testing, several beta stages will roll out across various regions of the world. There’s no real way of knowing which region will be next, but you can pre-register in an attempt to gain access to a future stage. This is as simple as registering on Google Play, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be contacted to take part in the Battlefield Mobile beta whenever it becomes available in your region.

Will Battlefield Mobile Be A Success?

It’s hard to tell whether it will be a success, but all signs point to the positive right now. There’s very little in the way of gameplay content to digest right now, so we’re left with the impressions of those trying out the alpha and beta products.

Reportedly, when it releases, it’ll come with just Grand Bazaar as a map, and it’ll feature the flagship game mode, Conquest. Therefore, we can expect the large-scale, vehicular combat that we all know and love from the Battlefield franchise.

Could we potentially see Battlefield Mobile esports open up in the future? Will this become EA’s most successful Battlefield title in years?

Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, should we be totally moving on from Battlefield 2042?