Is CSGO Operation Riptide worth it? – Skins and Rewards

Finally, a new operation comes to Counter-Strike: Global offensive! – Starts on September 21, 2021, and ends on February 20, 2022 ⁠— 16 weeks in total.

After a long long wait a new set of missions is available for CSGO fans. Now is the time to reinstall the game and purchase the new battle pass. There are tons of new rewards you can earn each week and new additions to spice up the game for the casual player. There will be a throwback to Counter Strike: Source, with the addition of the Riot Shield to Hostage Mode. There will also be some new maps added.

In typical operation fashion, there will be new missions released every week (for 16 weeks). With the completion of a mission, you will receive stars which will earn you rewards on your battle pass. Don’t worry, if you can’t complete a week’s missions during a busy week, because the missions will last the entirety of the battle pass.

Operation Riptide CSGO

Here is a list of missions included in Operation Riptide:

Is cs go operation riptide worth it?

Most definitely! Riptide will get you enough coin for your inventory and plenty of skins for a fraction of what they’re worth. You are also able to complete the missions at any given time, meaning you wont miss out on any rewards even if you get it late.

The value in skins alone will pay out for the mere $14.99 USD you pay for the pass. (If you get a knife skin, it will pay out multifold).

CSGO Operation Riptide Skins

Using the stars you gain by completing the missions, you level up your operation coin and earn stars you can use to purchase plenty of rewards from the Operation Riptide shop. Operation Riptide features a modified battle pass where you earn up to 6 stars each week, except for Week 1 where you can earn 10. You can back-earn stars from previous week’s as well.

The stars will also level up your Operation Riptide coin, and this time you can easily earn the Diamond coin quickly.

  • Bronze Coin – Purchase Operation Riptide Pass
  • Silver Coin – Earn 33 Stars
  • Gold Coin – Earn 66 Stars
  • Diamond Coin – Earn 100 stars

You can buy a selection of items from the shop with your stars, but you have think hard which purchase is getting you the most bang for your buck.

  • CT Master Agent – 25 stars
  • T Master Agent -25 stars
  • Superior Agent – 10 stars
  • Exceptional Agent – 7 stars
  • Distinguished Agent – 5 stars
  • Selected Skins from 2021 – 1 to 100 stars
  • Operation Riptide Case – 2 stars
  • Operation Riptide Patch – 2 stars
  • Operation Riptide Sticker – 1 star
  • Riptide Surf Shop Sticker – 1 star

Operation Riptide Skin Rewards

CSGO Operation Riptide Missions

Completing the missions is an absolute breeze, and will take you only a few games to do so. The objectives vary from simply doing damage with molotovs and nades, to hitting a bunch of headshots and winning rounds. Everything needed to complete a set of missions you normally do in a regular match anyways. Finishing a week’s list of missions will take you about three games maximum.

For a full list of the missions you can head over to this nice list Beepisla made.

All CSGO Operations by Release Dates

On average a CSGO Operation lasts 135 Days. The gap between operations used to be less than two months, but drastically went up after operation Hydra with the average gap being 6months or more. The longest gap between active CSGO Operations happened between operations Hydra and Shattered Web for a total 735 Days with no active operations.

Check out the full list of CSGO Operations to date:

OperationRelease DateDuration
Payback25 April 2013128 Days
Bravo19 September 2013139 Days
Phoenix20 February 2014111 Days
Breakout1 July 201493 Days
Vanguard11 November 2014140 Days
Bloodhound26 May 2016128 Days
Wildfire17 February 2016149 Days
Hydra23 May 2017174 Days
Shattered Web18 November 2019134 Days
Brokenfang3 December 2019151 Days
Riptide22 September 2021152 Days

Operation Riptide is set to end on February 20, 2022, and we sure hope the next operations takes less then a month after to begin.