Pantheon Guide – Champion Rework

As announced earlier last week, one of the oldest champions in the League, Pantheon, has gotten a rework. Pantheon’s kit has been mostly changed, although, his abilities have kept their original essence.

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Passive: Every 5 attacks, inclusive of basic attacks and spells, allows Pantheon to empower one of his skills (Q, W, E).

Q: Pantheon deals damage in a straight line, piercing all enemies. Holding Q down will allow Pantheon to throw the spear as a ranged ability. After passing the first enemy, the spear deals 50% reduced damage to subsequent enemies. If a spear is thrown and hits an enemy below 25% health, it deals roughly double damage.
Empowered – Deals extra damage and slow enemies hit.

W: Pantheon leaps to a single target, dealing a small amount of damage and stunning them shortly.
Empowered – Pantheon gains a buff on his next auto attack, rapidly striking 3 times at reduced damage.

E: Pantheon places a shield in a certain direction, gaining invulnerability from all damage dealt by champions in its direction. Pantheon also throws a flurry of spears in the shield’s direction, with its last tick of damage dealing extra damage.
Empowered – Longer duration.

R: Pantheon leaps into the air and jumps towards a target location, dealing damage to all enemies he passes through / over. Landing grands Pantheon his passive immediately.

While Pantheon can still be played in a bursty, full lethality style, his rework has made a bruiser play style much more effective.

Pantheon is now suited better for extended fights, especially with the champion’s naturally high base damage. The E rework granting him invulnerability is especially effective with the conqueror rune.

Overall, the rework allows Pantheon to be much more playable, instead of relying solely on an early to mid game lead to carry a win.