Nothing is certain seven weeks into the LEC

Week 7 of the LEC will determine if Playoffs spots are up for grabs for all teams below Splyce in the standings. Theoretically all 9 teams are in still in playoffs contention, although SK Gaming and ExceL are highly unlikely to make it.

Misfit’s new roster is having the most important matches this week as they are set to face Origen and SK Gaming. Last week, we wrote about Origen and their chances at making playoffs. OG managed to lose both matches and are now in vulnerable position in the standings. If Misfits delivers a win over both Origen and SK Gaming they might end up climbing into the Top 6, a place they haven’t been in since Week 2.


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The second team with an important week ahead is Team Vitality. Almost every LEC analyst had given up on Vitality in weeks past. It even seemed Vitality had given up on themselves. With some luck and individual performances by the squad the team bounced back. They are pushing three consecutive 1W1L weeks and keeping themselves close to Playoffs contention. Beating G2 in their first match on Friday might be too tall of an order, but beating ExceL on Saturday will once again keep them in ballpark of playoffs contention.

Before moving to this week’s endgame we need to mention that Splyce has one of their “easiest” weeks of the split this weekend. If Kobbe and the gang get W’s over Rogue and ExceL, we might witness a shift in the standings with Fnatic falling down to 3rd place and Splyce taking over the runner up spot. A shift at the top so close to playoffs might just be what the roster needs to finally break out of the playoffs slump and dominate in the post season.

But, In the end Week 7 is all about “The Match of the Eons”

The Sunday rematch between G2 and Fnatic is fashioned “Match of the Eons” in the LoLosphere. Both teams are peaking in performance this split and both are hoping to finish 1st at the end of the Summer. Although, Fnatic’s chances of ending the split in first place might have been shattered last week by Misfits and their brand new ex-academy squad. Winning against G2 this week would put FNC up 2-0 in the head-to-head but still a game behind the Spring Champions. G2 would have to lose one of the next four games in order for Fnatic to even get a chance at a tie in the standings.

Adding salt to Fnatic’s injury is G2 in their current form. They are on a seven-game win streak in Europe and they started taking champion pick suggestions from the audience and Instagram. FNC on the other hand has not changed up their style at all this split. You can count the champion pool of their botlane on one hand. Rekkles plays Karma or Sivir and Hylissang exclusively plays Rakan/Pyke. The same can be said about Broxah in the jungle, who smashes exclusively with his Lee Sin pick. G2 simply needs to throw a kog in FNC’s pick wheelhouse and end all hopes of a tie in the standings.

Regardless of all analysis, Fnatic has proven in the previous matchup they can absolutely dismantle G2 unlike any other European team. And if there is one team in Europe that can challenge the MSI Champions, it is Fnatic.

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