Nunu champion rework

As one of the oldest champions in the game, Nunu is finally getting some attention. Riot has revealed their plans for the new Nunu rework.

While Nunu will certainly be changed, he will still retain some of his previous features. Nunu will still be able to easily control jungle objectives, keeping his Q consume ability (with some changes), and signature Absolute Zero channel ultimate. Overall, the change will make Nunu a more reliable pick, and not completely useless due to his previous support like nature when his team was behind.

Passive: Attacking champions, large monsters or structures will grant Nunu and a nearby ally with the highest attack speed, additional movement and attack speed. When the Call of the Freljord is active, auto attacks cleave a small portion of his autos.

Q – Consume: This rework has allowed this ability to retain its previous function as a smite tool on monsters while also enabling the Q to target champions. As expected, Consume will deal reduced magic damage to champions, much less compared to the true damage to monsters. The healing from consume will scale when Nunu’s health is lower.

W – Biggest Snowball Ever!: Nunu channels a snowball that grows bigger depending on distance. Nunu can slightly alter its direction, channel is similar to Sion ultimate. Hitting enemies with the ability will explode the snowball, dealing magic damage and knocking them up. However, when the snowball has yet to explode, the ability can be reactivated, which will throw the snowball forward (deals same function).

E – Snowball Barrage: Throws three snowballs in a set direction, marking enemy champions and monsters. It additionally activates a circular zone around Nunu, after a few seconds, this zone will trigger, any marked champions will get rooted. Note, multiple champions can be hit by the snowballs.

R – Absolute Zero: Same as before, depending on the channel time, Nunu will deal greater damage in a circle around him. However, when the ability is first channeled, Nunu will gain a small shield. Absolute Zero will also slow enemies within the radius while channeling and will still be a great bush camping ability.