LoL Patch 8.14 – New cursor, SSW skins and much more!

Notable champion changes

Fizz – Seastone Trident (W) has been updated, now refunding mana and reducing the skill’s cooldown by 1 second every time a minion is killed. The empowered damage has also been lifted by 20 at every level. Overall, Fizz will be encourage to use this skill for cs’ing, making his ability to push the lane much greater, for example, in cases where E is unable to one shot caster or melee minions.

Ahri – Charm cooldown has been reduced by 15, now to 70 seconds. The charm duration at earlier levels has also been increased, this allows the ability to be much more effective in the early game, enabling Ahri to lane easier given she opts to and hits the full combo.

Sivir – Her pushing power has gone up even further with a 2 second cooldown decrease on her Q, now to a flat 7 seconds.

Shen – The slow on Q has been significantly decreased at lower levels, only back to its previous 35% at level 5. Flat 35% > 15/20/25/30/35 %.


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Massive hit to gold funnelling

Hunter’s Machete / Hunter’s Talisman – In an effort to reduce the effectiveness of gold funnelling, Riot has specifically targeted the problem. Having the most individual gold on the team while having the item will lead to minion kills granting 10 less gold. However, to limit the impact on junglers being able to carry, this effect is removed once the jungle smite items have been purchased.

Summoner spell

Teleport – As teleport has been deemed much too effective, to a point where other laners (aside from top) continually opt for it, the summoner spell will be nerfed. The cooldown has been increased by a minute, with the cancel cooldown also increasing by 40 seconds.

New cursors

After almost 10 years, the League of Legends cursor is finally getting some attention. While you are still unable to customise the cursor, Riot has implemented a different cursors for a range of actions, such as the Ally hover, Enemy Hover and Ward Bush to name a few.


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Samsung Galaxy skins

As the winner of the 2017 League of Legends World Championships, Samsung will finally be having their skin line up released. As expected, the skins have a blue and white type colour scheme, sticking to Samsung’s theme.

These skins were based off Samsung’s 2017 line up player choices, with a portion of money from the sale of these skins directly heading to the team / players.

List of SSW skins:

  • SSG Ezreal
  • SSG Gnar
  • SSG Jarvan IV
  • SSG Rakan
  • SSG Taliyah
  • SSG Xayah
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