Major changes heading towards ARAM

After many months, if not years, Riot has finally decided to change ARAM up a fair bit, and doesn’t consist of just a few minor tweaks here and there.


@Riot Games

Champion select changes

Gone are the days of having to type “rr”, also known as reroll, before actually rerolling your champion. Now, you can free reroll without having to worry about getting flamed when someone wants the champion you discard. Whenever a champion is rerolled, the option will be sent into the “Available champions pool”, where teammates can then freely swap out their champion there. This pool can fit up to ten champions, so even if everyone rerolls twice on your team, you will get access to all the option. This change will not only quicken the champion selecting process, allowing more time for other activities like runes, but completely remove the potential for flaming when rerolling.


Riot will be increasing the rate of which reroll points are recovered with each game. This change is much needed considering there are simply times where you get bad champion not only multiple times in a game, but multiple games in a row. Right now, Riot has stated players will get around one reroll for every two games played, the frequency increases as more champions are bought.

Wider champion pool

In an effort to increase champion diversity, especially for players who own very little champions, the number of free champs for ARAM will increase. The pool will now rise to not only the current patch’s pool, but the previous three free champion rotations. This will make the champion pool for ARAM a minimum of 42 champions.


Getting a S ranking has always been extremely hard on ARAM. Riot will now change the game’s ARAM mastery algorithm to better distribute well deserved ranked to players who perform well. This will overall increase the number of S’s distributed on the mode.

Starting experience

The starting experience will increase to 662. This will ensure a faster and smoother leveling process and transition to level 4, and reduce the insane snowball from the early game.

Surrender time

Finally, Riot has listened to the outcries of players in ARAM. As ARAM games are generally faster than Summoners Rift, it is no surprise the mode should get a much lower surrender time, since it is easier to determine if the game is a win or a loss. A unanimous surrender vote can now be passed through at eight minutes, meaning everyone has to vote ‘yes’ in order for the vote to pass. A normal surrender vote that requires four out of five players, or generally over 65% can now be done at just 12 minutes into the game.

Aram has been known to house less serious players, many of which exit mid game. The change will make it easier and faster for other players to get out of a lost game/game with much less delay.