LoL Patch Notes 8.18 – Rundown

No major changes, just a few balancing with a much needed nerf to Akali and Sejuani. A new skin line has also been previewed.

Champion changes

Aatrox – Aatrox has received a very slight buff. Increased healing at the later levels against champions on his Umbral Dash (E), while also getting a fairly decent damage buff with his ultimate.

Akali – A much need nerf; Akali’s ultimate base damage has been reduced by around 15% at all levels compared with her previous stats. A great change, considering it does not harm Akali’s laning phase. Instead, it reduces her burst potential in the late game.

Braum – Base health reduced to 540

Kai’Sa – Passive damage now a flat 15% of a target’s missing health, at all points of the game. This will hit pretty hard, as her ability to finish off opponents in the late game has been dramatically reduced.

Lucian – Q damage ratio buffed from 0.6 / 0.7/ 0.8 / 0.9 / 1 to 0.6 / 0.75 / 0.9 / 1.05 / 1.2. The intention was to give Lucian back some of his damage, which he had dramatically lost a few patches ago.

Renekton – A fairly ignorable buff, with his E receiving a base 10 damage increase, while armor pen (empowered) is increased at earlier levels.


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Ryze – W rune prison root has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. While 0.5 might not seem like much, Ryze lost a great deal of free damage.

Sejuani – Sej has been hit fairly hard. E damage reduced by 10 at all levels. However, the real nerf to Sejuani comes from the duration change to her slow on the ultimate, coming down from 3 seconds to 1 second.

Trundle – Pillar (E) cooldown increased by 2 seconds at all levels. Fairly ignorable considering its already a high cooldown. Riot will be putting more emphasis on a pillar second max, with its slow percentage dramatically dropping in the early game, however to compensate, once the skill is maxed, the slow has been buffed by 5%.

Vayne – Tumble (Q) cooldown decreased in the early game, allows her to kite much easier in the early game, reducing her hard time in lane.

Viktor – Hex core cost has changed slightly, with its MK-I cost being reduced by 100 gold, and being diverted into the perfect hex core cost, up from 750 to 850.

Auto smite

Junglers in draft queues such as ranked will be defaulted the smite summoner spell.

Upcoming skins

  • Odyssey Kayn
  • Odyssey Yasuo
  • Odyssey Jinx
  • Odyssey Sona
  • Odyssey Malphite
  • Odyssey Ziggs