LoL Patch notes 9.12 rundown

This patch has been piled with filler, a fair amount of insignificant tweaks to a handful of champs. This rundown covers the most important updates you need to pay attention too, in particularly to Ryze, which had his play style completely changed.


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Champions’ changes with Patch 9.12

Mordekaiser – Mordekaiser’s rework has filled released this patch following Qiyana’s reveal. While the abilities section has yet to update in the client, you can check out our full Mordekaiser skill overview.

Ryze – Base mana reduced from 400 to 300, with mana regen slightly increased from 6 to 8. Q now only has 5 ranks, damage set to 80/105/130/155/180. Spell damage bonus heavily nerfed in earlier levels in favour of a slightly higher bonus at max rank. W ratio changed to 4% of bonus mana, however mana cost changed slightly to 40/55/70/85/100. Huge nerf to W, with normal use being changed to a 35% slow, only rooting opponents when enemies are under spell flux. Spell flux (E) damage down by 10 at all ranks, however, mana cost has been decreased in earlier levels to compensate for Ryze’s overall nerfs. Ultimate can now be upgraded until rank 3, Realm warp having a new effect granting bonus damage (40/70/100%) against targets affected by flux. Cast range changed to a flat 3000, with cooldown shifted to 210/180/150.

Sylas – Passive now can stack up to 2 charges. Damage also increased from 5-47.5 to 9-60 based on level, however, deals 70% less damage to minions. Q base damage and AP scaling nerfed, range also slightly reduced against minions. To compensate, W base healing and AP scaling has been increased. E will only grant a shield if an enemy champion or monster is hit.

Yuumi – Base health increased from 432 to 480. Passive mana refund and shield slightly lowered. W percentage sharing of adaptive force lowered, now in favour of a partial flat adaptive force. Yuumi’s W cannot be stopped by any immobilizing crowd control effect.

Items’ changes with Patch 9.12

Corrupting Potion – Bonus magic damage changed to a flat 15 over 3 seconds at all levels.