Playoffs Race breakdown: LCS Standings into Week 8

With Week 7 wrapping up tonight, eight out of ten teams are still neck and neck in the LCS standings. Tonight it will be team Liquid, GGs and Immortals finalizing their week. The last two matches determine how close are these teams to top 6 with only four games left until Playoffs.

This split flipped the script on its head as 9 out of 10 teams are still in playoffs contention. Every single team except CLG has a solid shot at playoffs, with the schedule favoring some more then others.

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LCS Standings analysis

The main story of the previous week is Cloud9 finally dropping a game, while TSM ends up with a 2-0 scoreline. It was Bjergsen and Zilean that finally put a stop to C9’s 18-0 split dreams. This weeks performance puts SoloMid at 2nd place in the league. Cloud9 shouldn’t be bothered with their defeat either, as they have already secured Playoffs and probably 1st place as well.

The rest of the LCS standings are an analyst’s nightmare. Tonight’s matches wont change the fact that EG, IMT, Liquid, DIG, GGs and 100T are all deadlocked in playoffs contention. Additionally, most of these teams face each other in the next two weeks making the Playoffs race the most intense one since 2018.

While still in playoffs contention, Dignitas can only hope to best CLG by the end of the split and maybe surprise one of the playoffs contenders. The Playoffs cutout is usually around the 9W9L 50% record and DIG are 4 wins away from it. They would need a perfect run in the next two weeks and a bunch of others to mess up for them to make it to playoffs.

Week 8 is crucial for Immortals and Evil Geniuses as they are both meeting teams in direct contention for their playoff spots. Additionally, the teams meet at the end of Week 9 in a potential decider for the postseason.

Team Liquid was the undisputed champion in NA and our top in the LCS Power Rankings. But the champions only looked good on paper. The whole team is a dumpster fire of bad plays and miscommunication for seven weeks now. Broxah not being there from the start and benching Doublelift certainly didn’t help keep motivation high. In the current LCS standings,  TL must win tonight and both of their Week 8 matches. Securing nine wins before they have to meet Cloud9 and Flyquest in the final week is the only path to playoffs for the squad.

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Monday Night League

Tonight we will witness the conclusion of Week 7 in the LCS. In the first match of the night, Immortals and Liquid face off once again, as Immortals hopes to repeat their previous performance and get a 2-0 head2head record against TL. Golden Guardians will play to keep their Playoffs hopes alive in the 2nd match as they face a wounded Cloud9.

The show begins tonight at 5:30 PM PT (1:30 CET)  at

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