LoL player Kim “PraY” Jong-in retires from competitive scene

PraY, one of the longest standing veterans in the competitive League of Legends scene has finally announced his retirement following his absence from the 2019 Spring split. Kim “PraY” Jong-in is one of the more accomplished players, having represented various top LCK teams, from his start with Najin Black Shield, to his final time with Kingzone.


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Announcing his retirement

Originally, PraY announced he would be taking a break at the end of 2018 following his release from Kingzone. At this point, PraY stated he would not be retiring from the competitive scene, instead, outlining his desire to have a rest. While it is not extremely common for players to take an entire split off and be without a team, PraY mentioned he deliberately turned down multiple offers. This would allow him to take a rest without the obligations that usually follow while with a team, for example, streaming or content creation.

With the Spring split ending and coaches begin to make their roster changes, PraY has decided he wishes to retire from the competitive scene. On his Afreeca TV stream, PraY stated he no longer believes he can do well professionally. PraY has yet to announce any set plans for the later half of the year and is unlikely to join another team as a coach. While not entirely active with a set stream schedule, he does occasionally stream on Afreeca TV, essentially the of Korea.

Achievements to date

Within his first split in the competitive scene, PraY along with Najin entered the World Championship stage. Fast forward to his time with the KOO Tigers, he reemerged on the World stage once again, this time as a finalist, second place only behind SKT. PraY’s dominance in the LCK is irrefutable, with first place titles in the 2016 Summer Playoffs, 2017 Summer Playoffs and 2018 Spring Playoffs.