Pro players punished due to poor behaviour

Riot has recently released a long post detailing multiple pro players who had engaged in poor behaviour, and as a result, have either been punished or issued a warning.

While toxic behaviour is never tolerated by Riot, professional players should be held to a higher standard as they set an example to millions of fans worldwide. As a result, these fines and warnings were issued to discourage future poor behaviour.

While the fines are nothing major, especially for a professional player, they reveal Riot’s firm stance. By calling out these players on an official Riot post, it keeps them in check as further toxic behaviour would seriously harm their image and competitive prospects.


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Diamondprox – One of the best Russian junglers, Diamondprox, has been fined $1000 due to toxic behaviour in the Korean solo queue. In the past, he had received a warning for poor behaviour from the LCL, due to the recent multitude of reports in Korea for toxicity, DIamondprox has been fined.

TheShyTheShy has been fined $1000 for his actions in solo queue where he has been reported, and found to be repeatedly intentionally feeding, griefing and expressing negative behaviour.

iloveoov – According to the Riot post, iloveoov has been reported in 80 different games, nearly 70% of his total solo queue games. This is an extremely high rate, while he had not been intentionally feeding, his negative attitude in chat logs warranted a $1500 fine. Fairly excessive from Riot considering his actions did not directly impact game play through inting / feeding. That said, iloveoov has history of poor behaviour, previously receiving disciplinary action from the LCK.

Uzi – By far the most well-known player here, Uzi has received the biggest fine of the four. Uzi has been slapped with a $2000 fine for negative behaviour in Korean solo queue. This large fine was due to a variety of reasons, these include; griefing teammates, intentionally feeding and account sharing. Considering Uzi was the only one found to be playing on an account that was not his, Riot has made an example of him, denouncing a fairly common practise of purchasing Korean solo queue accounts. (As Korean LoL accounts can only be made with a Korean social security number)

Players issued warnings:

  • Daniele “Jiizuke” Di Mauro
  • Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho
  • Minkook “Dreams” Han
  • Luka “Perkz” Perkovic
  • Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss
  • Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen
  • Stanislav “Lodik” Kornelyuk
  • Zhen-Ning “Ning” Gao
  • Uijin “Rookie” Song
  • Li “4LivcloveR” Zhe
  • Jaeha “Mowgly” Lee
  • Hyesung “Comet” Lim