Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok is this year’s new 2018 League of Legends World Champion. “TheShy” is widely known for his ability in the laning phase through his top tier mechanics and wide map awareness. This is reflect in his champion pool, which is usually filled with carry heavy champs that can snowball heavily through the game from an early lead.

After winning Worlds, TheShy stated in an interview that he no longer believed there is anyone in the world that could match him in the laning phase. While many believe this to be an overstatement, there is no doubt TheShy is an impeccable top laner that holds his own lane well and is able to push his team forward.


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History of TheShy

Before gaining widespread success as a professional player, TheShy was known as a streamer and mechanical genius at Riven. As a non-English streamer, TheShy broadcasted on two popular Korean and Chinese streaming sites, afreecatv and His success with the champion brought international attention, with multiple clips spread on Youtube and even a montage of his best plays that gained over one million views.

Unlike many other ‘one tricks’, TheShy was able to break out of this classification and to maintain his mechanics throughout his other champions aside from Riven. This allowed him to excel in the competitive scene, finally making his way to the top as this year’s World Champion.

Almost getting banned from competitive play

News emerged in 2016 saying that TheShy had been elo boosting his girlfriend’s account. The girl had posted a picture of her account going 37/3 with Nidalee jungle, an astonishing feat considering she was a support main. Note that TheShy had also been renowned for his ability with Nidalee alongside Riven. When questioned by others, the girl revealed TheShy had been playing ranked on her account. This later caught the attention of many.

Following the incident, TheShy quickly responded, admitting his mistake for playing ranked, and essentially elo boosting his girlfriend’s account and that he would take responsibility for his actions. While the community did not respond in the best way, TheShy was not severely punished for this incident.

Unlike Apdo, a Korean mid laner known as being the best solo queue player in the world, TheShy was not permanently banned, nor has it received a long competitive ban. This was likely due to TheShy’s difference in intention when elo boosting, since he had been more casual and less serious, compared to Apdo’s elo boosting business where he financially profited.


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Before IG

While TheShy first made his debut with Anarchy / Rebels Anarchy, he mainly gained recognition from his time signing with Team WE, his first step into the Chinese competitive League of Legends scene. There he had found a fair amount of success, with Team WE ranking amongst the mid to top tier teams in the LPL. Unfortunately for TheShy in 2016, while WE performed strongly in their groups, they fell short in the playoffs, finishing the 2016 Summer LPL playoffs at forthplace, unable to make it to worlds.

Picked up by Invictus Gaming

While World Elite failed to make it to worlds, TheShy has demonstrated his individual ability as one of the top talents in the region. This prompted Invictus Gaming to quickly sign the player in May 2017. Ever since TheShy joined Invictus, IG has been consistently improving, with this year IG claiming first place in the 2018 LPL Spring East and 2018 LPL Summer East.

TheShy in 2019

It is extremely likely TheShy will continue on with Invictus Gaming considering his contract ends at the end of 2019. Considering TheShy’s strong performance, it is virtually impossible for IG to transfer the player in the upcoming 2019 Spring split.

TheShy Twitch Channel:

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