Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has long been considered the best mid laner in the world, if not the best competitive League of Legends player to ever exist. As many would know, Faker, the ‘king of mid’ is the mid laner and shot caller for the most successful team in the LCK and the world, SK Telecom T1.


Unlike other League of Legend players who frequently switch teams most of the time solely due to better contract deals, Faker has only signed with one organisation, SKT. While some may argue SK Telecom T1 K and SK Telecom T1 are separate entities, it is not so. The current SK Telecom T1 was formed through a fusion of two SKT teams – Read our SK Telecom T1 team profile page for further information.

Faker SKT contract

While Faker has signed with SK Telecom T1 since the beginning of his career, he is not officially bound to SKT for the rest of his life. Through the global Riot contract player database, we can see that Faker does have a contract end date. This means that Faker and SKT do have to mutually decide to stay together if they wish to do so, leading to a contract renewal.


As someone considered to be the best player in the world for multiple years, there is no surprise that Faker’s salary / contract has been estimated to be worth millions. This is especially so for SKT, as they have to ensure to continuously resign Faker. SK Telecom T1 is owned by one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Korea, and with their deep pockets, it is most likely that they will spend any expense necessary to keep Faker at the core of their team.

Success with SKT

Faker has been on the team’s starting roster since the creation of the SKT ruling dynasty. His glory directly relates to the teams’ success, both locally in the LCK and on the global stage such as MSI and Worlds.

Faker has played a pivotal role in SKT taking the win in the; Korea Regional Finals Season 3, LoL Worlds Season 3, LCK 2015 Spring Playoffs, LCK 2015 Summer Playoffs, LoL Worlds 2015, IEM Season 10 WC, MSI 2016, World 2016, LCK 2017 Spring Playoffs and the 2017 MSI.


At the end of 2017, while Faker wasn’t able to take out his fourth World Championship title, he was able to spearhead SKT into the runner ups position in the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.

How old is Faker?

Faker is currently 21 years old having started his competitive journey five years ago at only age 16!

Faker’s SKT skins

As a three time world champion, Faker has had three skins being dedicated to him; SKT Zed, SKT Ryze and SKT Syndra

Where can you find Faker?

Faker does not have an official Facebook or Twitter account, if you do see one, it is likely to be a fan page. However, if you want to watch some Faker’s gameplay, check out his Youtube Channel and Twitch Streams.