Luka “Perkz” Perkovic, having represented G2 Esports for over three and a half years, has become one of the team’s pillars. Not only has Perkz made a name for himself as one of the best mid laners in EU, he also excels at, and currently rivals, some of the best ADCs in the world.


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Development as a star mid laner

Perkz initially began his competitive League of Legends careers with GSI Gaming as the team’s starting mid laner. While they were not a major name in the scene, they nevertheless fought their way through to enter the DreamHack Summer 2014 from the fierce online qualifiers. Unfortunately, the team failed to recover following their 5-8th place finish at DreamHack Summer 2014, sending Perkz to look for a new team in the off season.

Soon after, Perkz signed between Gamers2 and Millenium, which allowed him to rapidly develop as a player. In the beginning, Gamers2 had even failed to qualify for the 2015 EUCS. However, as the year went on, Perkz supported his team to take first place in the Summer split of the EU CS, and subsequently, defeating SK Gaming 3-2 to enter the EU LCS.

Gamer2 becomes G2 Esports

As Gamers2 rebranded to G2 Esports, Perkz soon followed, starting his journey to become one of the biggest names in the EU LCS. Ever since joining G2 Esports in October of 2015, Perkz had consistently dominated the mid lane role in EU while the team went on to claim the top spot in the EU LCS.

Moving to the bot lane

While G2 Esports had found success in the EU LCS, they insisted on improving in the international scene. The end of 2018 saw G2 Esports lay their eyes on Fnatic’s promising mid laner Caps, an experienced yet young competitive player, who had been able to rival Perkz. G2 Esports opted to develop Caps as the team’s mid laner, with Perkz supporting the decision and moving to the bot lane.