Luka “Perkz” Perkovic is regarded as one of the greatest players in EU. Not only he lead G2 Esports to success, but he also made a name for himself as one of the strongest mid laners in the Western world. This is his story.


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Present and Past Teams

Here’s the full breakdown of Perkz’s career and the team he has been playing on until now:

  • GSI Gaming (2014)
  • Gamers2 (2015)
  • Millenium (2015)
  • Gamers2 (2015)
  • G2 Esports (2015 – 2020)
  • Cloud (2020 – 2021)
  • Team Vitality (2021 – Present)

The start

Perkz has been competing in professional League of Legends non-stop since 2014, when he first joined GSI Gaming. In the following year, he joined Gamers2 but only for a few months, before landing on Millenium. He finished with the team 2nd at the Gamers Assembly 2015 behind Origen, but stopped playing due to exams and left the team in May of that same year.

One month later, he joined Gamers2 once again, who had retained their Challenger Series spot for the EUCS Summer Season. At the end of that year, Gamers2 would rebrand to G2 Esports, and alongside Perkz, start their history of dominance.

The two years of domestic success

After the rebrand, Perkz and G2 started making a name for themselves as a leading team in EU, winning all four splits between 2016 and 2017. The results were also decent in the international stages but on both occasions, the team failed to make it past the group stage.

The G2 2018 Worlds run

Perkz really started making himself a potential candidate as the GOAT western mid laner with G2’s 2018 Worlds run. Even though the team didn’t dominate on domestic soil as much as the previous splits, G2 made an incredible run at Worlds 2018, defeating Royal Never Give Up in a 5-game series and finishing for the first time ever in the top four.

The shocking roleswap

Despite getting a great result, G2 realized they reached their maximum potential and the only way to push the team to newer heights was by changing the bot lane. After various rumors, it was confirmed that former FNC mid laner Caps would join G2, with Perkz moving to the ADC role alongside Mikyx.

While there was initial skepticism, Perkz happened to deliver relatively well, aided by a meta that allowed him to shine on his best picks like Kai’Sa and Xayah.

2019 was a historic year for G2, which established them as the no. 1 team from the LEC. The org ended up winning both splits, an MSI title, and Rift Rivals. Unfortunately, despite playing Worlds with the support of the home crowd, G2 finished runner-up, dropping to FunPlusPhoenix in the finals and failing to make the grand slam. Nonetheless, it was a memorable year, having achieved the best results ever.

2020 started off with another twist: Caps and Perkz would role swap with one another during Spring, showcasing how strong they were compared to the rest of the competition. While the experiment only lasted a split, G2 won both splits in 2020 and finished top 4 once again at Worlds. After two years of failing to win the Worlds title, Perkz ended up leaving G2. Despite interest from G2’s biggest rival FNC, he ended up heading to the LCS, as it was revealed that former G2 CEO Carlos Ocelote blocked the transfer.

Moving to the LCS

The Croatian player moved to the LCS and joined Cloud9 as their starting player. Despite having some ups and downs during the season, he was able to win the LCS Midseason Showdown, becoming the second player to have both a LEC and an LCS title. 

That being said, the expectations were high but Perkz failed to make the difference when it mattered. As the gap between the west and the east widened, C9 and Perkz only managed to finish in the top eight at Worlds. During the offseason, Perkz left the team to join Team Vitality, ending his NA experience after only one year.

Return to EU with Vitality

While 2021 wasn’t a great year for Perkz, people knew he was still a great player, and joining Vitality was supposed to elevate the team to new heights. Sadly, it didn’t end up happening as he and Vitality only managed to finish in the mid-pack throughout 2022.

With a completely new roster and the addition of Chinese jungler Bo, Vitality was hyped as one of the best teams the LEC has had in recent times. Those expectations were quickly shattered, as the team looked disjointed and failed to make it to the LEC Season Finals, only achieving a third-place finish in Spring. Even though it wasn’t entirely his fault, Perkz didn’t step up as people would’ve hoped, showing a worrying downward trend. With another year on his contract, he’s likely going to remain on Vitality for another year. But if he can’t return to his past form, it will be tough for him to stay in the LEC again.

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