Riot Games leaks new champion in login screen

In the latest release of the Public Beta Environment, also known as the PBE, Riot may have very well leaked their upcoming champion. The log in screen file had been intended to display the new Elderwood Nocturn skin. However, the incorrect file had been uploaded, instead showing a completely new champion.

New LoL champions leaked

© Riot Games

The picture above clearly shows it is unlike any existing champion, making it impossible for it to be an upcoming skin. She sports a bright red scarf, white top, giant futuristic mechanical weapon, and gleaming blue eyes.

Riot has yet to reveal anything regarding the leaked file, and is unlikely to address any questions. Considering that Qiyana’s release and Pantheon’s rework were fairly recent, it is unlikely we will see any details on the new champions for at least another month. This is especially so, considering her leaked image above is currently incomplete, and still has some renders.

Judging by the image above, while nothing is concrete, the new champion is likely a ranged ADC. This is to be expected since the last ADC released had been Kai’Sa way back at the start of 2018.

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