Riot Project A: everything we know about the new FPS game so far

During their 10th year anniversary showcase, Riot Games hinted a brand new title and a contender for the FPS market. Codenamed “Project A”, the Riot FPS/Caster shooter quickly become the talk of the day.

Based on Riot’s own claims, the company aims to create a shooter game with the accuracy of Counter-Strike and the game mechanics akin to Overwatch or APEX. The tall ceiling the company set up for itself might be coming to fruition, as we see more and more leaks come along in 2020.

Riot Project A

© Riot Games

The backstory of Riot Project A

Based on the few hints available, Riot is going to use their own Runeterra lore for both “Project A” and Legends of Runeterra. The Lore was first established as part of the League of Legends mythos and has slowly evolved over the years into a full-fledged world with backstories and storylines intertwined between different factions.

As the trailer showcased different champions will feature different abilities to gain advantage within the game. As champion design is still a mystery we can only guess what art style and mechanics Riot will develop, yet we can be certain they will be awesome and based within each Runterran faction’s style.

Game Mechanics

While abilities are going to be a crucial part of the game, the focus seems to be put on individual aptitude and player skill above all. Riot put the FPS aspect at the top of the checklist, and based on a recent review they are doing a damn fine job at it.

Henry “HenryG” Greer, famed CS:GO commentator and former 4Kings player had a chance to play the game recently. In a follow-up longwinded Twitter thread, he summarizes his experiences testing “Project A”

Based on Henry’s review, Riot seems willing to brawl with both CS:GO and Overwatch for the FPS and FPS+ kingdom. If the aim is not clunky and the abilities are not the meta breaking factor, then they might have discovered the winning formula already.

Additionally, we have a hint that the devs are primarily focused on the Round Based/Objective based style which is a blend of both Overwatch’s map cycle style and CS:GO in-game economy meta. This points towards a serious esport title in the making.

Riot “Project A” Esport

It might be too early to say, heck the game is still named “Project A” and we are already thinking esport, but we have to. Riot Games has been the flagship in the esport world since 2011. They brought forth the profit sharing, regional competition and franchising system into the mainstream and have redefined the field entirely over the past decade.

With an already established ecosystem and ties with the biggest esports organizations worldwide, It’s not hard to imagine a world in which almost every organization currently involved with LoL Esports also fields a roster in Project A.

On top of this, we already know Overwatch is on glass legs and CS:GO is slowly becoming a game for FPS purists, meaning Riot could potentially give both Blizzard and Valve a run for their money.

If we ask Slasher about it, his mind is already made up.

We are keeping a close eye on “Project A” especially in the upcoming moth as Riot starts rolling out more and more information about the game and their ideas behind it.