The trailer for the new Riot FPS games is out

For the longest time, Riot Games was known for one thing – League of Legends. Recently, another issue drew some attention – in light of the Hong Kong protests, some players protested the all-Chinese-owned Riot Games by quitting the game entirely. Now Riot is looking to make positive headlines again, and they’re doing it by releasing a trailer for a shooter they’ve been developing for a while. Riot FPS Project A is their new first-person shooter and it sure seems to have made an impact.


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Riot’s new FPS – A mix of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In a world with a hundred different shooters, Riot is aiming for something unique, and the first few glances of Riot’s new FPS make it look like they have a fighting chance. The gameplay of this new game seems like a mix of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, featuring both guns and special abilities not found in more ‘realistic’ shooters.

Riot went with a cartoony art style a little similar to Fortnite, and what we’ve seen so far looks good. The little teaser vid featured some smooth and well-crafted animations and attacks, and it gave us a hint of the things we’ll be able to do in the game.

Naturally, there’s shooting, but Riot FPS includes a healthy dose of magic and abilities. There seem to be a number of supernatural abilities in play, including walls made of water, huge gas bubbles and more.

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Riot FPS game will be ‘different’

Riot Games is also making some pretty big promises when it comes to the game – they promise they’re in it for the long haul, and that this new FPS will be ‘different’. Set on a near-future Earth, the character-based game promises high-consequence gameplay with as much support and effort as League has seen.

Riot boasts a team of experienced FPS developers, and they’re focusing on one thing in particular – lag. The devs are actively working on strategies that can prevent lag caused by higher ping, and issues that players with weaker Internet connections face, while also already promising a no-tolerance approach for cheaters and hackers.

For now, the three minute video that Riot released doesn’t give us much more than that, and it’ll have to tide us over for some time – more announcements aren’t expected until 2020 at least. When the game will be released remains to be seen, but with how secretive Riot has been on this Project so far, we can only assume they have a plan, and that they’re sticking to it!