RNG roster announcement

As the new year begins, Royal Never Give Up, more commonly known as RNG, have revealed their full roster line up. With the exception of AmazingJ, RNG have stuck to their 2018 roster, a wise choice considering the team’s strong performance last year.

Following their announcement, criticism was directed at RNG, stating that the team should have kept Able on the roster, while employing a substitute for the mid lane.

Even though Able had been signed with RNG since the end of 2017, his stage time was extremely limited due to the presence of bot lane legend Uzi. That said, Able is still considered to be a rising star; at only eighteen years old, his growth potential is immense. With the LPL’s new system starting in 2019, it is likely that Able will be called back in to substitute on the primary RNG’s starting roster when Uzi takes a break later in the split.


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Although Xiaohu had achieved great results in the Spring and Summer split with RNG, his performance on the world stage was less than stellar. This caused a divide amongst many spectators and RNG fans, with some parties maintaining that Xiaohu will continue to perform well, dismissing his subpar performance at the Worlds as being a minor slip-up, whilst others arguing that RNG should have employed a substitute in case he fails to recover his full form. RNG failing to recruit a mid lane substitute might also mean that they lose the opportunity into pressuring Xiaohu to up his game.

Royal Never Give Up had a great year in 2018, even though they did not fulfill their hopes of winning Worlds, they remain one of China’s top teams. With these minimal roster changes, it is expected that RNG will continue to perform strongly, although the likelihood of them prevailing as top dog will strongly rest on Xiaohu’s shoulders.