LoL team SANDBOX Gaming signs Comet as coach

Lim “Comet” Hye-sung will be joining SANDBOX Gaming as one of the team’s new coaching staff. This deal signifies SANDBOX Gaming’s large investment in their coaching team, with Comet being one of four coaches belonging to the organisation. The current coaching staff now includes Sally as Head coach, followed by Dragon, Laden and now Comet as additional coaches.

While SANDBOX Gaming were only created at the end of 2018, they were by no means push overs in the LCK. The team has been able to secure 4th place in the LCK Spring Split, later coming 5th for the Playoffs stage. This alone shows that the players have a wide amount of potential, and with additional support from coaching staff, will only go further. SANDBOX Gaming have made a great decision by not changing their roster, which allows their players to better synergise with each other, but instead, focusing on how to better their current members.

Comet had originally competed as a support player for former LCK team Xenics Storms. However, he only rose to fame in his coaching journey with Jin Air Green Wings, in which he helped the team for a single split. Soon after, Comet moved to Afreeca Freecs for a year between 2017 and 2018 which was certainly one of the teams’ most successful periods to date. Comet then later went to China in his most recent adventure, where for the first time, he coached a foreign team in the LPL.

His current deal for SANDBOX is a welcomed one for Comet, allowing him to return to his home turf, Korea. While some may criticize SANDBOX Gaming for recruiting Comet following Suning’s last place finish in the LPL, Comet without the doubt has knowledge to provide.