SKT streaming endeavour jeopardises chances at LoL Worlds

SKT’s streaming contract ends in less than a week before Worlds, having announced earlier in the month that they would be holding twitch streams for five consecutive days from the 1st to the 5th of October. This line up includes the complete SK Telecom T1 roster (aside from sub Gori), sporting the likes of Khan, Clid, Faker, Teddy, Effort, Mata, Crazy, Haru and Leo.

skt-streaming-contract-could jeopardize-their-chances-at-lol-words

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Money vs. worlds?

While it may be understandable for SKT to sign a streaming contract to host Twitch events prior to Worlds with their substitute players, including their primary main roster line-up in the deal, severely reduces SKT’s ability to prepare for the League of Legends World Championships. Note, LoL Worlds is the biggest competitive event in the year, this move by SKT may suggest that the team’s upper management has a greater interest in short term profits over SK Telecom T1’s prospects at Worlds. Considering many have favoured SKT as the team to beat at Worlds, with their betting odds providing the lowest return, their lack of preparation may spell disaster for the team.

Jetlag & adjusting to EU

SKT’s streams had been taken place in Korea, this means players would likely only end up leaving the country or arriving in Europe later than the 7th of October. They would then have to quickly adjust to the time zone difference between Korea and Germany, an entire seven hours! Factoring in jetlag, players would need at least a day or two to recover, and get their bodies in condition to play. Note, SKT will be playing in the first group event / main stage game in worlds against Fnatic on the 12th. Fnatic is one of Europe’s top power houses, standing a decent chance of taking down the SKT giants, especially considering their recent streaming handicap.