State of the LEC coming into Week 4

An entire day after I “bashed” the LEC for having uneventful matches and one dimensional picks; We got served one of the best LEC weeks since the start of the split. Pentakill, fun picks, topsy-turvy matches and a whole lot of cheese.

First and foremost, G2 had another great week and came out 2-0 at the end of it and 6-0 overall. They have also shown us that they have champions pools as deep as the Mariana Trench playing 26 different champions in 6 matches and still having some famous pocket comfort picks remaining. This week they meet first spot contender Vitality in what is considered the match of the week as both teams have won games in a very dominating fashion until this point. Will the “Italian Stallion” dominate G2’s Caps and bring Vitality the win, or will we witness another G2 fiesta where they stomp the opponent and continue the unbeaten spree? We will surely find out in the last match of Day 1 of Week 4.

Another match to watch out for tomorrow is the Schalke04 vs Misfits matchup that kicks of Day 1.  Last week Misfits brought us the answer to our question “Who gets to spend more time at top sOAZ or Bwipo?”, with a very commanding victory over Fanatic. On the other hand, they got their asses handed to them by ExceL the day before, which leaves us wondering how well can Misfits hold up against S04.

The Schalke squad has only dropped a game against the unbeaten G2 and are looking stronger than any previous split they participated into. Their ADC Upset farms like a monster being #1 in CS per-minute in the LEC so far, and behind Misfits’ Hans Sama in KDA. The matchup of Europe’s best performing ADCs is going to be a joy to watch.


© G2 | Misfits Gaming

After the aforementioned brawl Schalke04 meets Origen on Day 2 of the week in hopes they can finish the week strong versus an easier opponent. But how much easier is Origen?

We are used to asking: “When does Origen play?”. I propose ask “What does Origen play?” from now on.

In my absolutely favourite match of last week we had Origen style against SK Gaming with a funky comp we all want and expect from them. OG’s Nukeduck pulled out a Yasuo, Patrik whipping out a Kalista and Kold styling a Kayn in the Jungle in what was a soloqueue style delight for the viewers. This newfound shift in picks is refreshing to see in the European league and I hope Origen bring us more fun compositions to enjoy in this week’s matches versus Rogue and S04.

Check out the VOD below for all the Origen goodness:


We started last week criticizing Fnatic and the lack of growth from the worlds contenders, and once again we witnessed a generally underwhelming showing from the European Champions. They won their first ever game this split versus underdog Rogue and scored the first Pentakill of the split featuring Rekkles.

Yet, as soon as day two came along, Fnatic went back to their “old” underperforming selves. Misfits broke down the Fnatic line in a domineering fashion, leaving fans wondering: “Is there anything Fnatic can do at this point to salvage the split?”. They start the week versus exceL on Friday, and after seeing the excel/Misfits match from last week I am losing hope that Fnatic can best even this matchup.


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Aaand, then there’s Day 2 of the week…

Several months ago you could write an article hyping this matchup to oblivion. Now we can just note that G2 is meeting FNC. After the past weeks’ performances, these two teams now look like polar opposites. It will be interesting to see Caps battle his teammates just a few months after they were all trying to become World Champions. I remain hopeful that Fnatic has the capacity to get out of the slump and we can be served another “Clash of Kings” in the LEC.

Check out the full schelude at:

Till next week…

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