Support LoL player Kaiser set to join Team Heretics for 2024

After spending one year on Team Vitality, LoL support player Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser might find a new home for the LEC 2024 season.

Kaiser LoL LEC

Photo Credit: Wojciech Wandzel for Riot Games

Kaiser reportedly joining new LoL organization in 2024

Having joined the LEC in 2020, Kaiser has been playing in the premiere LoL European competition for 4 years already, having won 2 LEC titles in back 2021. Since then, however, Kaiser hasn’t been able to reach those peaks, and the 2023 season was one of the worst for the German player, having finished last in the latest LEC 2023 Summer Split with Team Vitality.

According to a report by esports journalist Alejandro Gomis, the player is reportedly leaving the French organization to join Team Heretics, as he would join forces with current bot lane player Victor “Flakked” Lirola Tortosa.

This move is also consistent with what is happening to the current TH support player Mertai “Mersa” Sari, as he posted a tweet on X saying that he is exploring options for 2024.

Team Heretics is looking to upgrade its roster and keep the positive trend from 2023

The Spanish organization comes from an overall rough 2023 season, having finished at the bottom of the standings for two out of the three LEC splits. Having said that, TH looked much better after bringing French mid laner Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié and Flakked in Summer, as they finished fourth in playoffs and barely missed out on Worlds qualification.

With Kaiser joining, the team is hoping to bring further aggression to what is already quite an explosive team. Jungler Jankos is known to be quite a proactive player and the German support is known for his early game presence and playmaking. His long-standing career would also allow him to help the younger players grow to new heights, as the Team Heretics lineup might look even more interesting for 2024.

While it’s unclear whether the organization is planning to make other roster moves, the other four players have their contracts expiring in November 2024, according to the League global contract database. The transfer window for the 2023 offseason will open on Tuesday, November 21.

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