T1 vs Gen.G – It’s Rematch Time! – LCK Weekly Preview

T1 and Gen.G are going for the rematch in week 5 of the LCK Spring Split. Can Gen.G beat T1 and tie them in the standings? It’s time for our LCK Weekly Preview.

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T1 vs Gen.G – is Gen.G ready to beat T1?

After a slow start to their 2023 season, Gen.G have started pushing more and more, going 6-2 and only one victory behind T1. Now that the two teams will have the rematch in the second round robin, we should likely expect a much closer series compared to the 2-0 stomp we saw at the beginning of the season.

In particular, we’re starting to see why the organization decided to promote the rookie Peyz to the starting roster. Currently the main damage dealer of the team, he has been steadily growing and carrying Gen.G on his back during the late game teamfights.

Having said that, given that the LCK is going into Patch 13.3, there might be a little more uncertainty than anticipated. We’ve seen Peyz mostly on Zeri and Lucian: now that other ADC champions have been buffed, we’ll have to see how he adapts.

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Match Preview

The patch shift will have a significant impact on the series: whoever gets the better meta read will inevitably find themselves with a major advantage. That said, T1 seems to be more comfortable playing more proactively on the map: Faker is used to moving across the lanes to help snowball his side lanes. Gumayusi is usually more comfortable on traditional crit ADCs… so does Keria on the engage supports.

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The key to the match, though, will be on the junglers. Peanut and Oner are known for being quite aggressive early on, but the two are having different roles within their games. Oner covers a much more supportive role, taking care of the engage and picks. Peanut, on the other hand, is much more damage-oriented and plays bruisers a lot more often. Whether they will keep this setup is still a question mark, but what’s certain is that the two are going to have a major saying on the outcome of the series.

Overall, this series is set to be a much closer one compared to the season opener. Gen.G have definitely gotten better throughout the spring split, which means we’re bound to witness a banger match. That being said, T1 are still looking one tier above them and the new patch will likely benefit T1 more.

For both teams, this series is crucial to their split. If T1 manage to beat Gen.G, we might be looking at the number one seed of the LCK at the end of the regular split. If Gen.G wins, instead, then we will have a 2-way fight for the top of the standings.

Prediction: T1 52% | Gen.G 48%

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