T1 Zeus: “I feel like it will be a 3-1.”

After qualifying to the Worlds 2023 Finals, T1 Zeus spoke about the series against JDG, and his thoughts going into match against WBG next Sunday.

T1 Zeus Worlds 2023

Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

T1 Zeus vs WBG TheShy

T1 have made the great feat of taking down the title favorites JDG in the semifinals of LoL Worlds 2023. Despite being the only Korean representative left, T1 took down the great rivals and picking up the revenge from MSI 2023.

What was great about the Korean team was their preparation and the incredible performances from all of their players. Aside from Game 2, T1 always looked incredible in the crucial teamfights, always finding ways to punish the enemies and swing the momentum in their favor.

This victory also means that T1 will have the entire homecrowd cheering for them next Sunday against WBG in the Grand Finals. T1 top laner Zeus will be going up against TheShy, who was the key in the victory against BLG. The top lane matchup is taking the spot light for now and it feels like it will also be one of the key factors in the decisive series.

T1 Worlds 2023

Photo Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

“I think all top laners that made it to the semifinals are really really strong and I think we will compete for who is the best top laner in the final,” said Zeus. “I feel like TheShy is a strong player in both scrims and solo queue. Considering this will be the first time we play against one another I’m quite excited about this match.”

Some have called TheShy “Top God”, but Zeus doesn’t seem to be that happy about the rival taking that title: “The Top God nickname doesn’t really sound that good to me to be honest since I’m Thunder god. Regardless, I think it will be really fun.”

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It’s a repeat of Worlds 2022

T1 is making it back to the grand finals after last year’s Worlds. In 2022, the team lost to DRX and failed to conquer the fourth title. Despite having a rougher year overall this time around, T1 looks promising based on the level of play shown so far. Zeus is trying to keep a low profile going into the next series.

Throughout the year we just tried to hang in there and keep improving ourselves and then we finally made the result. I would say I’m still alive.

Now that he already had last year’s experience, it will inevitably help him and the rest of the T1 squad to best prepare for the last match. “Based on last year’s experience what really matters when it comes to preparation for Worlds is keeping yourself healthy and utilizing the one week time we have ahead of the finals,” added Zeus. Considering Worlds is in South Korea, it looks like all stars are aligning.

And that confidence is showing. Before rounding off the interview, Zeus was asked about a prediction for the finals, to which he replied without hesitation: “I feel like it will be 3-1 for us.”

With everything coming down to one last Bo5, T1 and WBG will have 7 days to prepare before the biggest series of their year.

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