Team Liquid lift the trophy: 2019 NA LCS Summer Split overview

LCS Regular season

The top three teams in the NA LCS Summer split, Team Liquid, Cloud 9 and Counter Logic Gaming were all looking rocky in the first three to four weeks. However, Team Liquid started to demonstrate their strength as the weeks followed on, getting ahead of their competition with consistent wins, aside from their two defeats against Cloud 9.

Both C9 and CLG had shocking defeats in the later ends of the summer split, falling to FlyQuest and 100 Thieves respectively.

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Team Liquid win 2019 NA LCS Summer Playoffs

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LCS Playoffs

Along with the top three from the regular season, Clutch Gaming, OpTic Gaming and Team SoloMid also landed a spot in the 2019 NA LCS Summer Playoffs.

To the surprise of the majority, Clutch Gaming were able to take down TeamSolo Mid in the quarter finals. As expected, Counter Logic Gaming easily took down OpTic gaming as they did two weeks ago. TL were then matched up against Clutch Gaming in the semi-finals, fighting a close best of five, eventually defeating CG. The other semi-finals match saw C9 and CLG go head to head, with C9 eventually taking the win, 3-1.

Team Liquid and Cloud 9, the top two teams in the regular season advanced to the finals. While the first game had been close in terms of kills, Team Liquid had control for the majority of the game, taking three of the four dragons, and securing baron at the end to secure the win.

In game 2, C9’s Svenskeren made some amazing ganks, propelling his team towards an early lead, which they then translated a strong late game and a win.

Game 3 saw an amazing solo kill first blood by Jensen against Nisqy. The teams had been trading kills back and forth for the early game, before C9’s extremely favorable dragon fight, snowballing their control in the game.

In Game 4, C9 were in a good position to take the championship from Team Liquid, with a kill lead against TL up until the mid-game. Unfortunately, C9’s poor positioning, with one member being split, while simultaneously getting flanked by Impact cost them the fight. With TL powered by 3 mountain dragons, they were easily able to push down the baron and inhibitor, and later the nexus.

Surprisingly, after four extremely close games, Game 5 had been extremely one sided, with Team Liquid maintaining a strong grip against Cloud 9 for the entire game.

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Given that we’ve recapped the 2019 NA LCS Summer season, we have got to mention the joke of an opening song in the NA LCS finals match. Many have memed the song choice as an “auto-fill”, however, we should be a bit more hopeful. Maybe Riot’s cutting their budget for the LCS to make a grand 2019 World Championship. What are your thoughts?

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