The ticketing disaster of the LoL World Finals – Fans disappointed!

What’s the issue?

Firstly, the League of Legends World Championship finals tickets had partially went on sale an astonishing two hours before the scheduled time. This immediately led to outrage by the community, with many spotting the mistake after noticing the finals tickets were sold out prior to the release time.

Secondly, even with many of the LoL Worlds 2019 Tickets being sold at the schedule time, it had been sold out in seconds due to bot. Ticket scalpers, a term used to describe those who purchase tickets to events for the purpose to resell them for a marked up price, has always been a problem.

However, ticketmaster, the platform used to sell the LoL World Championship finals tickets, has been a notorious site for botting ticket scalpers. Given that ticketmaster has continuously failed to take sufficient action to prevent bots despite knowing about the issue, many fans expecting to watch the event live have either missed out, or are expected exaggerated prices, now hovering around the €300 – €450 range.

LoL Worlds finals ticketing disaster

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The Riot’s response

RiotJokrCantSpell stated that the tickets that were released only represented a small portion of the event’s total available tickets, and that most tickets remained available for sale at the correct time.

Why were there early ticket sales anyway?

The early sale tickets were initially intended for sale towards Riot’s partners, which is a whole other issue that can be raised.

Rising anger

Many redditors have revealed their disappointment, having fully booked flights and hotels to Paris, many with significant others, only to be hit with today’s disappointment. While there are certainly many other interesting points of interest in Paris aside from the League of Legends World Championship finals, it has nevertheless ruined expectations for the trip. This will without a doubt damage Riot’s reliability for events in the future.

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