Top 3 URF Duo Lanes – Ultra Rapid Fire is back for the LoL anniversary

Ultra Rapid Fire has returned as part of League of Legends 10th anniversary. This time, Riot has finally given what the community wanted, Ultra Rapid Fire WITH champion select enabled. While your favourite champions may still be target banned for the majority of games, this reintroduction of URF has many fans excited. Better yet, unlike ARURF in the past, a game’s win does not simply rely on RNG in champ select. But, what are the best URF Duo Lanes?

Top 3 Duo Lanes to play in URF

Shaco + Nautilus

This lane is extremely strong due to being able to constantly CC lock opponents, while having extremely high AP burst damage. The only clear downside to the lane is a lack of long range poke, instead, relying on one time all ins.

There are two main ways to play the lane. First, as Shaco, set up boxes, waiting for enemies to run into them and get feared, before being CC locked by Naut and followed up by another Box. Secondly, you may opt for a forceful engage would involve Shaco going out of vision, using Q to go invisible (heading towards the enemy), while Naut forcefully flash engages on the enemy, relying on his snares, pulls and knock ups to buy enough time for Shaco to arrive, place a box, and trigger fear.

Shaco with Nautilus - Best URF Duo Lanes

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Xayah + Yuumi

This lane heavily relies on late game scaling given it’s weak laning phase being prone to all ins and ganks. However, when Xayah reaches 3 items, she pumps out an immense amount of damage, all the while having her ult as disengage. Yuumi will then be responsible for not only supporting Xayah with heals, and slowing enemies, but getting out of Xayah and absorbing enemy skill shots / CC. This will allow Xayah to deal damage without getting CC locked late game and enabling her to wipe out the enemy.

Xayah with Yuumi - Best URF Duo Lanes

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Zed + Jax

A very solid combination of two extremely strong champions in URF. Zed had both good poke and all in potential at all points of the game. Given Zed’s high poke potential, it enables Jax to smoothly scale into the mid-late games. Jax with his natural tankiness, high constant damage, and AoE CC acts as a major deterrent from any possible ganks or all ins.

Zed with Jax - Best URF Duo Lanes

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