The 10 Best beginner champions in LoL for 2023

If you’re struggling to learn the game, these are the best beginner LoL champions to learn and pick up in the current season 13.

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10 Best LoL Champions for Beginners in 2023

Garen – the number one among top lane beginner LoL champions

Image Credits | Riot Games

Despite having one of the easiest kits in the entire game, Garen is an exceptional top laner that can tank and deal substantial damage at the same time. He also doesn’t use mana, allowing players to use always use his spells as soon as they are on cooldown. On top of that, his passive healing makes mistakes more forgiving during the laning phase. In other words, it’s the best top laner you could ever ask for.

Warwick  – the best one to learn jungle

Warwick is the jungle equivalent of Garen: good damage, great survivability with the damage reduction on his E, and one of the strongest early game champions in LoL.

Given he has lifesteal and sustain on top of that, he’s the perfect champion to start your adventure in the jungle.

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Annie – friendly to play and immense damage

If a League expert like LS says the players should learn how to play Annie, then there must be a particular reason behind his statement. Her kit is fully revolved around facilitating certain fundamentals of the game, such as farming and trading. These make Annie one of the easiest mid lane champions in LoL, and truly perfect for beginners.

Master Yi – the right-click champion 

Master Yi is always seen as one of the most mechanically undemanding champions and some of the claims may be right. That said, even a right-click champion like him has some depths to his kit: knowing when to use Alpha Strike (Q) or casting the ultimate is key to mastering him. While he is easy to pick up, bringing Master Yi to full potential takes some time.

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Amumu – the teamfight beginner LoL champion

Amumu is great for beginners because he offers multiple engage tools. Even if he doesn’t land Bandage Toss (Q) on the right target, Amumu can still stun him with the ultimate if it’s nearby. Not only that, but Amumu doesn’t require tons of mechanics to be played at a good level, so he’s definitely a champion for beginners.

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Malphite – rock-solid top laner to handle pressure

Malphite is the best tank to counter physical damage and AD champions. Not only does he have an easy kit and a low-skill cap but he also offers great engage with his ultimate. Regardless of what happens during the laning phase, he will still be useful later on.

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Volibear – ultimate skirmisher

Despite making him a little bit more difficult to play following his rework, Volibear is still one of the best beginner champions in LoL. His skirmishing ability is top-tier among junglers, and once you get the hang of him, you will be able to dominate games.

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Trundle – one of the best anti-tank beginner champions in LoL

Trundle’s only tricky part in his kit is learning how to properly use his pillar. That being said, mastering this skill will only matter in a low percentage of the fights and skirmishes. In all the other scenarios, a basic understanding will be enough. Apart from that, though, Trundle is just a big tank that auto attacks and ults tanks to steal their resistances: can it get any easier than this?

Mundo – unkillable healing juggernaut

Mundo is not only easy but also incredibly fun to play. You are basically a big tank that walks around and heals up immensely upon casting ultimate. He has a very basic kit that only requires you to consistently hit Qs, and uses the empowered attacks on last-hits or champions: that’s all he has to do.

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Miss Fortune – the wombo-combo beginner champion

Miss Fortune is likely the easiest ADCs to learn and master in the game. While others have complicated kits or combos, all Miss Fortune has to do is find a good angle to use her ultimate. Yes, she also needs to hit Qs and Es during the laning phase, but the main goal will always be to hit great ultimates. As long as the enemies are trapped inside it, Bullet Time (R) will do its job and shred through them.

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