Top 5 champions to climb LoL SoloQ

Having trouble climbing the soloq ladder with your champions? Here are the 5 best champions to win games in League of Legends season 13.

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Top 5 LoL champions to play in SoloQ

Top – Mordekaiser – one of the best top lane carry champions for soloQ 

Mordekaiser is one of the best top laners to play in soloQ right now for a multitude of reasons. First, he’s just a generic good champion to play in the lower Elos since he can abuse and take advantage of the players’ lack of strong fundamentals within the laning phase. You will notice it’s a lot easier to hit combos and gain leads.

mordekaiser is one of the best champions to climb soloq

Image Credits | Riot Games

On top of that, he wins most matchups thanks to his ultimate, Death Realm, which steals enemies’ stats and empowers himself, making it the perfect dueling champion. Moreover, he deals magic damage, which will force the enemy team to itemize magic resistance and give the rest of your team an advantage, especially if they are all physical damage dealers.

If you’re looking to climb from silver or gold Elo, he’s a top laner you definitely should consider in this meta.

Jungle – Nocturne – the best champion for map presence

While I would have suggested playing Amumu, the nerf in Patch 13.11 will definitely hit him more than needed, and likely decrease his win rate. As a consequence, my second choice for the jungle is none other than Nocturne.

Ever since they buffed the fighter items at the start of the season, Nocturne no longer builds like an assassin but more like a bruiser champion, which is perfect to carry games. He offers similar levels of damage but is also a lot tankier and more durable during the fights.

The best notable strength is his ultimate, Paranoia, which is perfect to punish overextending enemies and pick up free kills on the map to initiate a snowball. As long as you have a good game sense and you can see whether action is about to blow up near you, Nocturne will allow you to get into the mix. Moreover, he has a healthy jungle clear, making it an easier job for those who aren’t familiar with how to maximize the jungle clear.

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Mid – Annie – the easy-to-play mage

If it weren’t for the buffs at the start of the season, Annie wouldn’t be among the best champions to climb in soloQ. That said, the buffs were so big that they instantly turned her into an S-tier champion, to the point where she had to be hotfixed.

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Despite being in a more balanced state now, she remains one of the best mid laners out there. Her straightforward kit makes her easy to learn, and her damage is still high enough to kill enemies during the laning phase. She also offers an AoE stun that can be a game-changer in the later stages of the game. Unless she gets heavily tagged in the near future, you can easily get some free LPs by playing her.

ADC – Jhin – one of the strongest and most enjoyable ADCs to play

Jhin was one of the biggest winners from the mid-season patch, having got multiple indirect buffs from his items. He’s now not only one of the champions with the highest damage output but given his long-range and wave-clearing ability, he has almost no counters down in the bottom lane, making him a perfect blind pick.

As long as you’re able to hit the abilities and kite at a reasonable level, you’re going to find success with the Virtuoso. He can be both a setup or a follow-up for the team, and a fed Jhin will blow you away with his insane crit attacks. If you’re looking to play ADC nowadays, he’s the one to climb the soloQ ladder.

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Support – Xerath – the carry mage support

While it can be tougher to carry when playing as a support, there are some champions that you can abuse to get some free LPs. One of them is Xerath, who is particularly effective in the lower Elos: his heavy poke and long range make it almost impossible for the enemies to fight back, and they will only find themselves getting damaged repeatedly until they die.

xerath is one of the best champions to climb soloq

Image Credits | Riot Games

His support build is just a full AP build with one support item swapped out, so he can still deal tremendous damage at all times. It might be hard to learn how to properly position with him, but once you have gotten the hang of it, you will be hard-carrying games like no one else.

A great Xerath player can single-handedly decide the fate of a laning phase game and become a nightmare for his enemies.

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