Top 5 champions to climb LoL SoloQ

Having trouble climbing the soloq ladder with your champions? Here are the 5 best champions to win games in League of Legends season 13.

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Top 5 LoL champions to play in SoloQ

Top – Garen – the counter to fed soloq champions 

Garen is one of the best top laners to play in soloQ. Not only does he have a friendly kit that is easy to pick up, but he also offers insane damage with his Q-E-R combo. Despite being a tanky juggernaut, his single-target damage is comparable to most bruisers.

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What’s even better is the fact that Garen can kill any fed enemy thanks to his Villain passive, which deals true damage to it. In a chaotic environment like soloQ, he’s the ideal top lane champion to climb the ladder.

Jungle – Udyr – the unkillable bruiser

Ever since he was reworked a while ago, Udyr has become one of the best champions in soloQ. Not only does he have great skirmishing abilities but he also offers top-tier jungle clearing, which are essential characteristics for champions in this role.

On top of that, he can swap between an AD and AP build, making him a flexible pick inside the team compositions. Unless he’s going against particular peeling team compositions, he can brute force fights by running and killing the enemy carries.

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Mid – Annie – the easy-to-play mage

If it weren’t for the recent buffs, Annie wouldn’t be among the best champions to climb in soloQ. That said, the buffs were so big that they instantly turned her into an S-tier champion, to the point where she had to be hotfixed.

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Despite being in a healthier state, she remains one of the best mid laners out there. Her straightforward kit makes her easy to learn, and her damage is still high enough to kill enemies during the laning phase. She also offers an AoE stun that can be a game-changer in the later stages of the game. Unless she gets heavily tagged in the near future, you can easily get some free LPs by playing her.

ADC – Kai’Sa – the flexible ADC

While Kai’Sa is not an easy champion, she is one of the most satisfying to play when mastered. What’s even better is she doesn’t rely on the support as much as other ADCs. She can be played decently with both engages and enchanters, and she has a fair bit of scaling to win the teamfights.

A fed Kai’Sa can quickly burst down multiple targets and reposition herself with her E or ultimate if she’s getting caught. Since you can rely on yourself most of the time in solo queue, she’s a top pick to win games when playing ADC.

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Support –  Pyke – the 1v9 support

Pyke’s main strength lies in his burst damage and assassin-like playstyle. He offers a lot more damage than any other support in the game. In addition to that, he is one of the best roaming champions, which can be useful to make as much impact as possible on other lanes.

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Even though he requires a bit of time to become proficient in his combos, a great Pyke player can single-handedly decide the fate of the early-to-mid game and make his presence a nightmare to his enemies.

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