Be an Expert Annie LoL Main: Our Full Guide

Annie League of Legends can be played in two primary roles, as a midlaner, or a support. While the builds between the two lanes will differ, her playstyle in both is similar. Annie should aim to play it safe until at least level six, scaling into the early-mid game for her first item power spike. Her playstyle is akin to a wolf in sheep’s clothing, biding her time before being able to suddenly one combo enemies.

Annie League of Legends how to play annie in lol

Tips & tricks

While Annie in League of Legends is regarded as an easy champion to play, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you master how to play annie in LoL and climb the ranked ladder. Learning when to engage with Annie is key to climbing as she is often only able to burst enemies once or twice in fights.

  • Hover around 2 or 3 Pyromania (Passive) stacks– Keeping your Pyromania stacks between 2-3 is important as it ensures Annie has access to her stun quickly with a full combo. When pressuring enemies for a kill, Annie should keep Pyromania stacks at 2 to give the impression her stun is not available, giving them a false sense of safety.
  • Auto attack before Disintegrate (Q) – Annie’s Disintegrate acts as an auto reset, allowing Annie to gain extra damage in her trades. Using auto attacks before and after Q is best when Annie’s Pyromania passive is set to stun the enemy.
  • Walk up or stun enemies before using Incinerate (W) – While Incinerate is not considered a skill shot, its short cast time and small area of effect may make it hard to hit for new Annie players. When enemies see Annie or her fireball (Q) heading towards them, they will instinctively walk or flash backward. To make sure Incinerate hits every time, it is best to walk closer or stun the enemy before casting W.
  • Initiate with Molten Shield (E) – Annie’s Molten Shield has multiple effects that make engaging with it extremely strong. Annie can cast Molten Shield to gain movement, making up for her lack of gap closing abilities. The damage shield and damage reflection also allows Annie to full combo and back off, thereby winning trades.
  • Summon: Tibbers (R) in combination with Pyromania – It is best to use Tibbers when Pyromania is active. Tibbers is Annie’s longest range ability, also having its largest area of effect. Engaging with Flash and Tibbers when Pyromania is up is extremely lethal.

Mid lane (Item Builds – Core items)

Early game

  • Doran’s Ring – Doran’s Ring allows Annie to constantly use Q to kill creeps with its mana refund passive. This will essentially guarantee Annie to secure cs throughout the entirety of the laning phase.
  • Boots – Getting an early boots makes up for Annie’s lack of mobility. As a mid-lane immobile champion, junglers are bound to gank. Boots in combination with Molten Shield will help you get out of sticky situations.
  • Lost Chapter – Gives Annie all her core stats, allowing her to stay in lane longer for a creep score advantage and to quickly reach the 1 item power spike.

Mid game

  • Sorcerer’s shoes – Provides additional movement speed so Annie can roam and help her team easier. Magic penetration will allow Annie to burst enemies quicker which is extremely important due to Annie’s lack of constant damage.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – Core mid game item that allows Annie to aggressively make plays on enemies without instantly dying after her combo. Zhonya’s will usually also allow you to cast Disintegrate and Incinerate one more time in fights, boosting her overall impact.

Late game

  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – Annie, especially as a mid lane mage, needs the most amount of damage possible. Rabadons gives the highest amount of ability power in the late game.
  • Void staff – Given Annie’s high burst damage, enemies building magic resistance is inevitable. Void staff provides the highest amount of magic penetration to allow Annie to continue one shotting enemies champions that build a single magic resistance item.

Mythical item

  • Luden’s Echo – Built from Lost Chapter, one of Annie’s early game core items. Ludens provides Annie yet even more burst with its unique mythical passive, giving other legendary items 5 magic penetration.

How to play annie lol

Support (Item Builds – Core items)

Early game

  • Spellthief’s Edge – The default AP support item, provides Annie more ability power to become more of a threat.
  • Relic Shield – A viable support starting item into match ups you do not win hard engages and must play more passive.

Mid game

  • Ardent Censer (more supportive) – Ardent Censer can be applied by casting Molton Shield on your ally. This is especially good if you have a duo or strong ADC in the bot lane.
  • Cosmic Drive – Provides all core stats for Annie support; health, ability power and cooldown reduction. Cosmic drive’s will increase her survivability and number of abilities cast in fights, enabling Annie to utilize Pyromania’s stun more often.

Late game

  • Morellonomicon – Prevents enemies from healing up after her burst engage. Health is also useful as it increases Annie’s survivability.

Mythical item

  • Luden’s Echo – Annie will also buy Luden’s Echo as it continues place her as a threat throughout the game, taking away some pressure from the team’s primary carries.


  • Syndra – Completely outranged Annie
  • Zed – Able to assassinate Annie with little counterplay
  • Leona – Can hard engage on Annie, forcing her to waste her stun early in fights
  • Zilean – Outranges Annie with bombs and can prevent carries from dying from her burst in fights

Favourable match ups

  • Yassuo – Hard for Yassuo to kill due to Molten Shield, while easy to burst due to his low health.
  • Katarina – Can favourably trade against her throughout lane, and stun Katarina during her ultimate.
  • Sona – Extremely easy to burst.
  • Blitzcrank – After building slightly tanky, Annie can build health to bait Blitzcrank into hooking her to a gap close and engage enemies.


Annie in League of Legends is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike. She is a high-burst, single target DPS champion with an incredibly large stun that can help pick off low-health enemies from afar.

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