Riot hotfix two champions in the latest League Patch 13.3

Patch 13.3 has only been out for one day and the balance team decided to hotfix two champions that have been performing beyond expectations.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Patch 13.3 Annie and Asol hotfix

Annie and Aurelion Sol were two of the most anticipated changes in the latest patch 13.3. Both champions were supposed to ship in the previous patch 13.2 but the most recent social engineering attack forced the balance team to delay the release until this patch.

The Star Forger received a Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU) that made him go from being a forgotten champion to the most-played champion on the patch. His damage has been significantly increased and despite the first day of release, Aurelion Sol was already reaching positive win rates as a mid laner. For a difficult champion to master like him, it’s a worrying sign.

Annie, on the other hand, received a couple of buffs that made her win rate skyrocket, with win rates above the 55% mark across two different roles: mid lane and support. In particular, her E-Molten Shield has been causing various problems, as it was a spammable shield that had a very low mana cost. On top of that, it also reflected damage to the opponents.

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Annie and Aurelion Sol hotfix

Riot Games was quick on catching up and decided to hotfix both champions only one day into Patch 13.3. Both Aurelion Sol and Annie received substantial nerfs to some of their spells. In particular, Annie’s E has been heavily hit with higher mana costs and a lower AP ratio: this will likely kill her as a support role.

Below you can find all the exact numbers that were confirmed by Riot Phroxzon:


  • Armor per level: 5.2 >>> 4.7
  • E – Mana Cost: 40 >>> 60-80
  • E – Shield Potency: 55% AP >>> 40%AP

Aurelion Sol

  • Base stats – Health per Level: 106 >>> 100
  • Q – Burst Proc AP Ratio: 50% >>> 40%
  • E – AP Ratio: 40% >>> 25%
    • Stacks from units dying inside:
    • Epic Monster: 10 -> 5
    • Large Monster: 5 -> 3
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