Turkish League of Legends team sanctioned for mistreating players

League of Legends is the most popular esport in the world – teams from all over the planet are constantly competing in various leagues and competitions around the globe. While a few big teams often dominate these competitions, fans know that bigger doesn’t always mean better – there are plenty of small teams that pack a lot of punch.

One of these smaller teams – the Turkish “Galatasaray Espor” has now been banned from Riot competitions. Riot Games – the creators of League of Legends – are known for sanctioning teams that violate the rules quite harshly.

galatasary esports turkish lol team banned

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In this case the team’s ban affects their ability to compete in the Winter Split of the Turkish Championship League of the game. This would also further restrict them from participating in related events and further international competitions following this one.

An appropriate sanction

The reason for this ban is a simple one – the team failed to pay the salary of its players and coaches. They were given a deadline and told to pay their debts until the 27th of December. When they failed to meet that requirement, Riot took action.

The organisation was found to be unable to pay, and was thus banned from the competition. As this is very last minute, the TCL will now only have 9 competing teams instead of 10. Although sadly this also negatively affects the players that are being excluded, it’s very much a necessary measure.

Non-payment of players is sadly a fairly common issue in the pro esports world, and it needs to be punished as severely as possible. Just like it isn’t appropriate to not pay employees in other industries, this is also true in the esports world.

The future of the team

For Galatasaray Espor, the season is over for the time being. They won’t be participating in the Winter esports tournaments at all, and it’s uncertain whether they will be allowed to compete in the Summer split. As it is, they will most likely be given another deadline by which to pay their dues.

Assuming it is met, Riot is willing to at least consider participation – until the organisation pays, it’s almost certain that the team will be excluded from all official Riot events. This is embarrassing not just for the team itself, but also for the organisation they are associated with – the Galatasaray S.K. football team.

Like many others, the esports team is partnered with and funded by a national football team – a common practice across the world. What Riot is doing – sanctioning teams that aren’t treating their players right – should be just as common.

Sadly, too many issues like this are overlooked and tolerated to make sure that competitions and tournaments can continue smoothly. Thankfully, some publishers and organisers have begun to enforce better conditions for players and participants in professional esports.

This is a more than welcome trend that will hopefully, ultimately lead the entire esports industry down a fairer path and enforce positive working conditions for everyone involved.

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